Ebola in Cleveland? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cleveland is on edge after news broke Wednesday that the newest patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States had spent time there after treating Thomas Eric Duncan. Amber Joy Vinson traveled to Cleveland from Dallas on October 8, returning on Tuesday, the day before her diagnosis.

Here’s what you should know about the Cleveland Ebola scare.

1. Nobody in Cleveland Has Been Diagnosed with Ebola

Amber Joy Vinson, the nurse who was diagnosed most recently with Ebola, was not exhibiting symptoms of Ebola while she was in Cleveland. She returned to Dallas on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143. That flight landed in Dallas at 8:16 p.m. after leaving Cleveland at 6:31 p.m. on October 13. The following morning, October 14, Vinson went to Texas Presbyterian Hospital, where she was isolated and tested for Ebola.

Anybody who was on that flight is asked to contact the CDC immediately. The phone number is 800-CDC-INFO.

Contrary to previous reports, Vinson did have a temperature of 99.5 before she boarded the plane. She was not bleeding or vomiting. According to the CDC, someone with Ebola is not contagious until they show symptoms.

2. Airline Employees & Passengers Are Wearing Gloves & Masks at Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Precautions are in place at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, the airport that Vinson’s flight departed from en route to Dallas. According to Lydia Esparra of 19 Action News in Cleveland, masks are being handed out to passengers at the airport.

Employees of Frontier Airlines, the carrier Vinson flew with, are wearing surgical gloves at the airport’s front desks.

The plane that Vinson flew on was cleaned and decontaminated at a remote runway at the airport this morning.

3. Mayor Frank Jackson Says It’s Important to ‘Stay Focused’ on the Facts

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Mayor Frank Jackson and other city officials, held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the city’s response to the crisis.

The Director of Public Health reported that there were no known cases of Ebola in Cleveland, and the city officials also announced that they would activate an emergency command center for situational awareness of the disease.

4. ‘Ebola in Cleveland’ Was Trending on Twitter

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“Ebola in Cleveland” was trending Wednesday as city residents responded to the news that the virus could have reached the area. Many were concerned about the proximity of the disease.

Some had less serious concerns, with many mentions of Lebron James and the Cavaliers.

5. Vinson Was in Ohio to Plan Her Wedding

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WEWS NewsChannel5 in Cleveland obtained this yearbook photos of Amber Vinson, who is from Akron, Ohio. (Twitter/@WEWS)

According to Cleveland.com, the Ohio Department of Health reported that Vinson was visiting family in Akron from October 8 to October 13. NBC News is reporting that “she flew into Cleveland to prepare for her wedding,” according to Toinette Parrilla, director of the Cleveland Department of Public Health.

She traveled through Cleveland in both directions, and officials are trying to establish where exactly she visited during her time in Ohio.

Vinson was a graduate of Kent State University, and KSU said in a statement that three of her relatives, including her mother, are university employees. Kent State President Beverly Warren said, “It’s important to note that the patient was not on the Kent State campus. She stayed with her family at their home in Summit County and did not step foot on our campus.”

The university’s spokesperson tweeted that this was in response to reports that Vinson had in fact visited the campus.

The three family members are now in self-enforced quarantine at home, and Vinson’s mother’s home has been cordoned off by police.

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