WATCH: Kevin Vickers Gets Standing Ovation in Parliament

Kevin Vickers was back in Canada’s Parliament on Thursday, a day after the sergeant-at-arms heroically shot and killed a gunman who had opened fire just outside caucus rooms where Members of Parliament had been meeting.

And as you’d expect, MPs from all parties greeted Vickers with a thunderous standing ovation when he appeared Thursday in the House of Commons. Watch the spine-tingling video above.

Vickers, whose role is typically regarded as ceremonial, was standing guard Wednesday when terrorist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau entered Parliament’s main building and started shooting.

With Members of Parliament, staffers, journalists and visitors in grave danger, the 58-year-old Vickers got a gun and killed Bibeau, saving countless lives and making it possible for Parliament to go about its business a day later.

Bibeau, a Quebec native who had recently converted to Islam and whose passport had been revoked by the Canadian government shortly before the attack, shot and killed army reserve corporal Nathan Cirillo when the 24-year-old Cirillo was standing guard at the War Memorial.

The day was one of the darkest and scariest in Canada’s history, but it could have been infinitely worse if not for Vickers’ heroism.