Marcus Volke & Mayang Prasetyo: Photos of Tragic Couple

An Australian chef killed his transgender prostitute girlfriend and then cooked her body parts in his kitchen before slitting his own throat. Neighbors called police to Marcus Volke’s apartment in Brisbane, Australia, after the smell became unbearable.

The victim, Mayang Prasetyo, has not been officially named by police, but her friends have been mourning her on social media. When cops got to the apartment, they made the shocking discovery. Parts of Prasetyo were still cooking on the stove while other body parts were found in garbage bags outside, reports The Brisbane Times. The couple lived together in the wealthy Brisbane suburb of Teneriffe. In August 2013, Volke posted on Facebook that he and Prasetyo were engaged.

After police were called to Volke's apartment, he escaped the building by jumping off the balcony. Cops chased him but later found Volke dead after slitting his own throat.

Here are the images of this tragic couple that you need to see:

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