Pilchuck High School Shooting: The Tweets You Need to Read

KIRO-TV Marysville School Shooting

(Screengrab via KIRO-TV)

Multiple people are reported to be wounded in a high school shooting in Washington. Police are on the scene at Pilchuck High School after an active shooter incident.

1. The Seattle Times Tweeted That the Shooter was Dead from a Self-Inflicted Gunshot

2. A Student Tweeted What He Saw From Inside the Cafeteria

A student within the high school told a local news station on Twitter that the shooter walked up to a table in the cafeteria and shot 4-6 times at the students sitting down.

3. KIRO7 Tweeted a Picture of Students with Their Hands up Being Led out of the School

4. A Reporter on the Scene is Tweeting Her Conversation With a Teacher in the School

5. Mark Berman of the Washington Post Reported that the FBI Was on the Way