Steven Stark Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Steven Stark Missing NBC Florida

(Screengrab via NBC Miami)

A 62-year-old elementary teacher from South Florida has been missing since October 20. Family members have described Steven Stark’s disappearance as completely out of character, reports WPTV.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. His Car Is Missing

Steven Stark Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office

Steven Stark’s blue 2006 Dodge pick-up truck with Florida tag HO10MQ. (Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office)

According to WPTV, family members last spoke to Stark on October 20. After being reported missing, cops went to Stark’s home on October 22. There, they found Stark’s car to be missing (above) as was his wallet. His cellphone was in the house.

2. Stark Has Worked as a Teacher for 26 Years

Steve Stark Missing

(Screengrab via NBC Miami )

The Sun Sentinel reports that he’s been a teacher in the Palm Beach County School District for 26 years. A spokeswoman with the district, Robin Barrack said:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family that he will return home safely.

The paper goes on to report that Stark left teaching in 1993 to work for a railroad company. He soon returned to teaching.

3. His Son Called Him the ‘Mayor of Boynton Beach’

Adam Stark Facebook

Adam Stark and his girlfriend, Alex De Armas. (Facebook)

His son, Adam Stark, told WPBF:

He’s a great guy. Everyone loves my dad. I call him the mayor of Boynton Beach. Knowing my father and how regimented he is, how he is always on time, he’s a very punctual person. In 30 years, he’s never not called or not showed in to work.

Adam’s girlfriend, Alex de Armas added: “It’s just hard. I miss him.”

4. Someone Used His Credit Card on October 22

Daytona Beach Map

(Google Maps)

The WPBF report states that somebody used Stark’s credit card in Daytona Beach, some 212 miles from Boynton Beach, on October 22.

5. There Has Been No Mention of His Disappearance on the School’s Facebook Page

Citrus Cove Elementary

Citrus Cove Elementary shown here. (Google Street View)

Citrus Grove Elementary make no reference to Stark’s disappearance on its Facebook page. The last update was about a school dance on October 28.