Geoffrey Mutai: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Kenyan long distance runner, Geoffrey Kiprono Mutai, seeks to win his third New York City Marathon title and become only the third man ever win three times.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Mutai Could be the First Man to Win 3 Straight Titles Since 1982



If Mutai captures the NYC Marathon title today, he’ll be the first man to win three straight since Alberto Salazar from 1980-82. In 2013, he finished with a time of 2:08:24 and in 2011 a 2:05:06 time. This is the 44th edition of the event, with an estimated 50,000 participating in it. Mutai is 33 years old and has been competing since 1994.

2. He Has the Unofficial Fastest Marathon Run

2014 NYC Half Marathon

In 2011, Mutai won the 2011 Boston Marathon, running the quickest 26.2 miles in history at 2:03:02. However, it did not count as a world record because the Boston Marathon course is considered too straight and down hill.

In 2011, he also broke the NYC Marathon course record.

3. Mutai Quit Running 9 Years Ago After an Injury



In 2002, Mutai decided to quit running after and injury and missing out on the 2002 World Junior Championship, because he lacked a birth certificate.

4. In 2007 He Made His Marathon Debut



In his first marathon race, Mutai placed second Kass Marathon in Eldoret, then again at Monaco in 2008, where he won with a time of 2:12.40. He’s competed in marathons every year since, and in only 5 of those 17 races, he did not place first.

5. Mutai is the Eldest of 9 Siblings



Mutai is married with one daughter, Ivy Chebet and married to his wife, Beautrice. He is also recognized as the world’s sixth fastest marathoner of all time, along with back to backs wins with each time, being a course record, in the Eindhoven Marathon.

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