Molly Shattuck Pictures: Photos of Oldest NFL Cheerleader

Molly Shattuck is being accused of performing oral sex during the Labor Day weekend on a 15-year-old kid after meeting him on Instagram. On November 3, Shattuck, 47, was indicted on nine separate offenses, including two counts of third-degree rape, then on November 5 she turned herself in to police.

She's a former NFL cheerleader with the Baltimore Ravens, self-help author, not to mention, the estranged wife of one of Maryland's richest men, Mayo Shattuck.

Read more about Shattuck's charges and her story here:

Molly Shattuck: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know




She looks great in her dark sunglasses…..let’s all make love…


Rape? Seriously? When you’re a 15 year old boy that is something one brags about, which is probably how it all came to this juncture


Wrong, they brag about banging the hot 23 yr old teacher, not the sagging old wizened 47 yr old year mom. That pic used more filters than a waste water plant. This was definitely rape.

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