Aeman Lovel Presley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Aeman Lovel Presley Mugshot


Aeman Lovel Presley has been arrested and named as a possible serial killer in Georgia. Presley, 34, is the prime suspect in the murders of two homeless men and hairdresser Karen Pearce in November and December in the Atlanta-area.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Was an Aspiring Actor

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According to his Facebook page, Presley was last living in Los Angeles where he was trying to make it as an actor. He was affiliated with the agency Houghton Talent in Atlanta. He says on his page that he has two kids, a son and a daughter. He writes on his page:

Im 33 now. Im currently single.Im just relaxing in my life nowaday cooling down calming down and collecting mysef after going threw all the changes and growing pains that Ive been through as a younger black man. Im also getting my money right for once and for all.

On January 9, he posted on his page:

So many Bad actresses in my acting class in Beverly Hills!!! Hope to meet my future wifey. Lol. Fellas did yall see Meagan Good on the Arsenio Hall show ???? Thats my future Wife.

He also posts dozens of selfies as well as reviews of rap shows he’s been to. His last post was a selfie in August 2014 with one friend asking him, “Where have you been?”

2. He Was First Arrested Because He Was Trying to Dodge a Train Fare

In November 2014, Presley is believed to have killed two homeless men, Tommy Mims, 68, and Dorian Jenkins, 42. WSB-TV reports that Presley is believed to have used a “cowboy bullet,” a .45 caliber bullet in the killings. Presley was arrested by transport police because he didn’t pay the train fare. That’s when he was searched and cops found a gun, the same gun linked to the murders of Mims and Jenkins. Police believe that Presley may also be responsible for one other murder. That victim has not been named.

3. Karen Pearce’s Murder Was a Botched Robbery

Aeman Presley shot and killed Karen Pearce in what police believe was a botched robbery in Smyrna, Georgia. 11 Alive reports that Pearce was known to her friends as “KiKi.” She was shot and killed after she left her girlfriend’s following a night out on Saturday December 6.

4. Presley Was a Gang Member

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He’s a former gang member and was featured in a 1995 article about gangs in Atlanta. Presley states in the article that he joined a gang called the Folk Nation when he lived in Chicago. He goes on to say that he was trying to leave behind gang life, Presley says, “I knew it was something I wasn’t supposed to be doing.” He later adds that he was drawn to the gang because of protection and friendship.

5. He Grew Up in Chicago

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Presley grew up in Chicago, but went to Stone Mountain High School in Stone Mountain, Georgia.