Eric Garner Death: The Top 5 Conspiracy Theories

Eric Garner, Daniel Pantaleo, New World Order, conspiracy, NWO, conspiracy theories, police state


While the media reports that the death of Eric Garner and the dismissal of charges against Officer Daniel Pantaleo are indicative that America is not in fact in a “post-racial” era, underground online forums claim that Garner’s death and the use of extreme police force are indicative of something more sinister: a police state.

From Ferguson to Staten Island to other police shootings all over the United States and the subsequent government forces called in to quell irate crowds of protesters, the results show one thing: the US government knows how to handle civil disobedience.

According to a recent article in The Guardian discussing the topic:

A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is funding universities to model the dynamics, risks and tipping points for large-scale civil unrest across the world, under the supervision of various US military agencies.

Human Terrain Systems (HTS) training scenarios “adapted COIN [counterinsurgency] for Afghanistan/Iraq” to domestic situations “in the USA where the local population was seen from the military perspective as threatening the established balance of power and influence, and challenging law and order.”

Here’s what might be going on.

1. Taxation Without Representation

Eric Garner, Daniel Pantaleo, New World Order, conspiracy, NWO, conspiracy theories, police state


Eric Garner was killed for avoiding taxes.

Or that’s what some theorists believe, and heed it as a lethal warning for future tax avoiders.

Garner’s death wasn’t the result of an illegal chokehold and chest compression, but for his selling of untaxed cigarettes, colloquially known as “loosies.”

Washington Times op-ed contributor Lawrence J. McQuillan writes:

“Garner chose to participate in the booming underground cigarette market as a smuggler. Since 2009, he had been arrested eight times for selling loosies, which are popular among people who can’t afford a full pack because of the excessive taxes.”

“These events confirm that police are ultimately the enforcers of the tax code, and every vote for higher taxes gives police increased authority to exert more force on citizens in more situations. Higher excise taxes inevitably lead to more violent clashes between police and smugglers.”

New York levies an additional state tax of $4.35 per cigarette pack on top of a $1.50 per pack city tax.

Simply put, Uncle Sam wasn’t getting his money and police had been instructed to crack down.

In 2013, along with his much-debated sugary drink moratorium bill, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a second bill that increased enforcement on vendors who attempt to evade taxes.

Eric Garner was a victim of police brutality all due to the modern ostracization of smokers and their addiction as a form of taxable revenue for the government.

The message is clear: pay or pay the penalty.

2. The Grand Jury Indicts

ramsey orta, eric garner, michael brown, mike brown, ferguson, conspiracy

(Ramsey Orta, Facebook)

A grand jury didn’t indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo, but they did indict someone else.

Less than a month after Eric Garner died on July 17, Ramsey Orta was indicted from an arrest on weapons charges earlier that month.

Who is Ramsey Orta? He is the man that filmed the death of Eric Garner.

The Huffington Post reports:

Police alleged that Orta had slipped a .25 caliber handgun into a teenage accomplice’s waistband outside a New York hotel. Orta testified that the charges were falsely mounted by police in retaliation for his role in documenting Garner’s death, but the grand jury rejected his contention, charging him with single felony counts of third-degree criminal weapon possession and criminal firearm possession.

While some may argue that his arrest was due to completely different charges, the timing is suspect and could be seen as police retaliation for what otherwise would have been an unreported police incident.

To add fuel to the fire, the day before Ramsey was arrested, his wife Chrissie was arrested for assault charges.

3. Try This: Google ‘NYPD Eric Garner’

google, nypd, eric garner


This one theory is a bit more bizarre, but the interesting thing is anyone can try it and get the same results.

The Google search engine is known to have an amazing algorithm to assist in internet searches.

But Google Eric Garner’s name in the predictive text dropdown along with “NYPD” and nothing comes up.

As of December 8, 2014, this is still the case.

4. Peaceful Protest Suppression

It was reported by Anonymous that during Chicago Eric Garner protests, police were wiretapping participants’ phones.

Above is a photo of a tricked out surveillance truck equipped with cell site simulators, AKA Stingrays. Stingrays force nearby cell phones to send data to the police instead of their cell phone company’s towers.

Usually the use of Stingrays needs a warrant. It’s unclear of police in Chicago had one.

However, they definitely used them and you can listen to the leaked intercepted phone calls by Anonymous in the video below.

5. Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Etc., Etc.

With the death of Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and others following the killing of Eric Garner, with the same lack of accountability placed on police officers, it’s no wonder that Americans are afraid of police.

Whether militarization is happening (as seen in Ferguson) or something more sinister is in the works, to look at the media with skepticism is the best way to manuever in these changing times.