ISIS Memphis Bridge Plot: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Memphis & Arkansas Bridge Bomb

The Memphis & Arkansas Bridge which links Memphis, Tennessee, to West Memphis, Arkansas. (Wikipedia)

Police in Memphis have been warned of a possible ISIS attack over the holiday season. Reports in Tennessee indicated that information about the plot came from an “anonymous tip.”

Here’s what we know so far:

1. The FBI Say There Is ‘No Actionable Intelligence,’ But It’s Still Being Taken Seriously

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The flag of ISIS. (Wikipedia)

WREG reports that there may be a plot to blow up the Memphis and Arkansas Bridge in the city. The station further reports an FBI source telling them that there is “no actionable intelligence” that something will happen.

2. An Attack Could Wake Sleeper ISIS Cells in the U.S.


The wanted poster for the ISIS militant known as “Jihadi John.”

According to the information, which came from an FBI bulletin, the attack may serve to wake up other ISIS cells in the U.S. The bulletin read:

According to an anonymous complainant, as of December 2014, ISIS instructed an ISIS member, a presumed USPER in Memphis, with a direct order to blow up the Memphis-Arkansas bridge on an unknown date, activating ISIS terror cells in the United States.

My Fox Memphis reports that USPER is a law enforcement acronym for a U.S. citizen.

3. Law Enforcement Across Tennessee Have Been Warned About the Possible Attack

FBI Director James Comey participates in a news conference at FBI headquarters, June 23, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Getty)

FBI Director James Comey participates in a news conference at FBI headquarters, June 23, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Getty)

Speaking to My Fox Memphis, Supervisory Special Agent Joel Siskovic said:

Although we received an anonymous threat, there is no actionable intelligence regarding an attack on the bridge. We take every threat seriously and whenever we receive a threat like this we take steps to inform all of our law enforcement partners.

4. It Isn’t Know if ISIS Can Launch an Attack on U.S. Soil

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The ability of ISIS to commit an attack on U.S. soil has been fiercely debated among experts. On December 1, CNN reported that the FBI had issued a warning to members of the U.S. military about a possible 9/11 style-attack, warning that “overseas based individuals are looking for like-minded individuals in the U.S. to carry out these attacks.” The report adds that ISIS members were “spotting and assessing” individuals who would be interested in attacking the U.S. homeland.

5. The Memphis-Arkansas Bridge Is on the National Register of Historic Places

The entrance to the bridge. (Google Street View)

The entrance to the bridge. (Google Street View)

The Memphis-Arkansas Bridge was built in 1949, it’s one mile long, and just over 50 feet wide. The bridge crosses over the Mississippi river and is considered part of the Mississippi River Trail. Since 2001, it’s been on the National Register of Historic Places.