Jamie Kuntz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mega-rich music mogul David Geffen is accusing his former 20-year-old boyfriend of stalking him. The boyfriend, Jamie Kuntz, was arrested in October 2014 for violating a restraining order that Geffen had against him. In 2012, Kuntz was kicked off his college football team after he was pictured kissing Geffen in the press box during a game. You can watch a documentary about that incident above.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kuntz Allegedly Made a ‘Credible Threat’ Against Geffen

David Geffen Receives UCLA Medal Of Honor At David Geffen School Of Medicine At UCLA Graduation

David Geffen pictured in May 2014. (Getty)

Between September and November, Jamie Kuntz is accused of “following, harassing and making a ‘credible threat'” against Geffen, reports TMZ. The former college football star is facing a felony stalking charge and misdemeanor charge for violating the restraining order. Kuntz lawyer maintains that this is all a misunderstanding.

2. When Kuntz Was Spotted Kissing Geffen in 2012, He Told School Officials That Geffen Was His Grandfather

SB Nation reported extensively on the Kuntz situation in 2012. The website reported that Kuntz was kicked off of the North Dakota State College of Science in 2012 because he was spotted kissing Geffen, 71, in the press box during a game. The college said that Kuntz wasn’t kicked off the team because he was gay but because he initially told school officials that Geffen was his grandfather, not his boyfriend.

3. Kuntz Was a Scholarship Student

ABC News reported in 2012 that Kuntz was 18 at the time he was kicked off of the team and was nursing a concussion when he was seen kissing Geffen. He had been on a partial scholarship at the school, which is located in Wahpeton, North Dakota. After being kicked off of the team, Kuntz withdrew from the school entirely.

4. The Couple Met Online

Geffen and Kuntz met on an online dating site in 2012. Prior to being kicked out of school, Kuntz’s family didn’t even know the football star was gay, reports ABC News. At the time of his withdrawal, Kuntz refused to identify David Geffen as his boyfriend.

5. Geffen Is the Most Powerful Gay Man in America, According to Out Magazine

David Geffen Amy Pascal

Geffen pictured with under fire Sony chief Amy Pascal in 2004. (Getty)

Geffen has been openly gay throughout most his public life. In 2007, Out magazine named him No.1 in the fifty “Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America.” His wealth is estimated at around $6.9 billion, though he hasn’t been a part of any major company since 2008 when he left Dreamworks.