Rumain Brisbon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A cop in Phoenix shot and killed an unarmed black man. According to authorities, the cop believed 34-year-old Rumain Brisbon had a concealed gun. The only thing in his pocket was a bottle of pills.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Witnesses Thought Brisbon Was Selling Drugs

CBS 5 in Phoenix reports that Brisbon was sitting in his car on the evening of December 3 outside of a convenience store. A bystander told cops that Brisbon and another man in the car were selling drugs. The cop, a seven-year veteran, approached the SUV, after seeing Brisbon reach for something in the backseat, the officer called for backup. The cops says he told Brisbon to show his hands but instead the victim “placed one or both hands in his waistband area.” Then, Brisbon attempted to leave the car and run. The Phoenix New Times reports that Brisbon somehow made it to his girlfriend’s house and that she opened the front door for him.

The cop caught him and the two struggled, the two men literally fell in the door. An official police statement said, “The officer gave the suspect several commands to get on the ground but he refused to comply, yelling profanities at the officer.” The statement went on to say that the cop felt something in Brisbon’s pocket and in response, the officer shot the victim twice in the chest, killing him.

2. A Witness Heard the Cop Say ‘F*ck, F*ck’ After the Shooting

According to a neighbor of Brisbon’s girlfriend, Martin Rangel, after he heard the gunshots, Rangel heard the cop screaming, “F*ck! F*ck!” Rangel adds the cop was “like upset that he shot the guy,” reports the Arizona Republic.

3. He Had 4 Kids

He was a father of four. The Washington Post reports that at the time he was shot, he was waiting on food that he was bringing to his kids. Attorney Marci Kratter, who has previously represented Brisbon, told the Post:

What happened here is a police officer murdered my client. And what the police say happened, it doesn’t make any sense at all. There’s something not right with it.

4. Cops Found Oxycodone in His Car

According to cops, inside the car that Brisbon was in, officers found oxycodone pills, a jar of weed, and a handgun. The Phoenix New Times reports that Brisbon also had a vial of oxycodone pills in his pocket with the label scratched off.

According to public records, Brisbon pleaded guilty to burglary and weed possession in 1998 and a DUI in 2009, Marci Kratter represented him in that case.

5. There Are Mass Protests in Phoenix in the Wake of Brisbon’s Death

Rumain Brisbon Protests

A protest for Rumain Brisbon in Phoenix on the night of December 4. (Facebook)

Brisbon’s death has sparked mass protests in Phoenix. On December 4, AZ Central reported that 150 people protested in downtown Phoenix about Brisbon’s deadly shooting. Rev. Jarret Maupin in Phoenix told the station, “We’re here to begin an active campaign of direct action and civil disobedience over the police brutality-death of Rumain Brisbon.”

darren wilson photo, cop who shot michael brown

His shooting comes two weeks after a grand jury in Ferguson voted not to indict cop Darren Wilson for killing unarmed black teen Michael Brown and just days after it was announced there would be no charges against officer Daniel Pantaleo for the choking death of Eric Garner in Staten Island in July 2014.

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