Blizzard of 2015: How to Prepare for Snow Storm Juno

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The blizzard of 2015, Winter Storm Juno, is here and we’ve got to be prepared for all the snow that it’s bringing with it. It’s important to run to the grocery store for anything you may need, but also be sure to get foods that don’t all need to be refrigerated just in case you lose power. Now, if you have a fire place, be sure to stock up on firewood so you can keep yourself extra warm during the blizzard. If you lose power and don’t have a generator, a fire is very important. You also should buy some bags of rock-salt for the ground to spread around in hopes of melting some of the snowy mess and also to help prevent you from slipping and sliding around. Make sure you run to the ATM because it’s important to have cash on you just in case and be sure to charge your phone before the storm. You should also have a full tank of gas in case you lose power and need to leave. In addition to these things, check out the below checklist of items you should pick up at the store to ensure your safety and comfort during the storm:

Bottles of Water
A Radio (If you don’t already have one. Be sure to have a battery-operated one in case you lose power.)

And, don’t forget about the safety of your pets. They should be kept inside, so you may want to pick up some “wee wee pads.”

For some ideas on activities to do on a snow day, check out the below link:

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