Dalton Hayes & Cheyenne Phillips: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dalton Hayes Cheyenne Phillips Missing


UPDATE: On the night of January 17, the teens were arrested in Panama City, Florida and extradited back to Kentucky.

Original story below:

A teen Bonnie & Clyde couple are on the run from Louisville, Kentucky. Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips have been missing since early January after stealing two cars and committing other crimes.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dalton Hayes’ Family Thought His Girlfriend Was 19

WHAS reports that Dalton is 18 and his girlfriend is just 13. The station says that Dalton’s family believed his girlfriend was 19. WDRB reports that Dalton isn’t being charged regarding his alleged underage relationship, only with “custodial interference.” The two absconded with Dalton being due in court back on January 12 on burglary and theft charges, reports WDRB. The station also reports that there is concern that Cheyenne may be pregnant.

2. They’re Armed

The couple have driven the over 500 miles from Louisville to Manning, South Carolina. (Google Maps)

The couple have driven the over 500 miles from Louisville to Manning, South Carolina. (Google Maps)

The last sighting of the couple was at a South Carolina Walmart in the town of Manning on January 15. The couple first stole a van in Kentucky, and later ditched that for a 2006 red Toyota Tacoma, with a gun inside. The couple are no longer believed to be driving that. WDRB reports that the couple are thought to have stolen a 2001 silver Toyota Tundra with a Georgia firefighter plate reading CF116I.

WDRB reports that police don’t know which way they went after leaving the Walmart. The State newspaper in South Carolina reports that the couple bought two packs of mints at the store. The paper adds that Manning cops don’t think the couple are still in town. The two teenagers paid with a stolen check that was cashed at the store. WDRB reports that the search for the teenagers is now centered in Georgia. The two are connected to a string of thefts and property damage incidents across Grayson County in Kentucky.

3. They’ve Been Missing Since January 4

The truck the couple are believed to be driving. (Handout)

The truck the couple are believed to be driving. (Handout)

When they were last seen, Dalton was wearing a University of Kentucky Wildcats t-shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers. Cheyenne was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, black sweat pants and pink cowboy boots. They’re driving a truck with a Kentucky plate reading 0050CD. They were last seen by their families on January 3. Cheyenne Phillips was first reported missing by her father the following day. Cheyenne’s mother, Sherry Peters, told WDRB that she heard from her daughter on January 5 when Cheyenne texted her to ask for $100. In that text, Cheyenne told her mother “We’re just going to run.” Sherry didn’t give her daughter the money and called police. She added that she’d been estranged from Cheyenne for ten years prior to this past Christmas when they reunited.

4. Dalton’s Mother Wants Him to Come Home Before Someone Is ‘Really, Really, Hurt’

WHAS reports that the couple has been dating for about three months, that’s according to his mother, Tammy. Tammy says that on January 13, her son texted her to say he would call soon. She also says that the last time she saw Dalton, on January 6, he seemed like he was saying goodbye. In an emotional plea, Tammy said:

Please come home. We love and miss you all and we need you home and safe. Come home before someone is really, really, hurt.

5. The Sheriff’s Office Called the Couple ‘Potentially Dangerous’

The couple were originally thought to have been staying with friends. WLKY reports the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office telling them that the couple may become “increasingly desperate and potentially dangerous.”