Port Columbus Airport Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The main entrance to Port Columbus Airport. (Wikipedia)

The main entrance to Port Columbus Airport. (Wikipedia)

A fatal shooting has occurred at Port Columbus Airport in Columbus, Ohio. The gunfire broke out at the departure level of the airport at 12:55 p.m.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. One Person Was Killed

One person is dead in what’s being reported as an “officer involved shooting.” reports 10 TV.reports that multiple officers were involved in the shooting. No officers were injured. The Columbus Dispatch quoted a police source saying the coroner had been called to the airport. No other travelers were hurt during the shooting.

2. There Was a Confrontation Between a Tow Truck Driver & Another Man



10TV reports that a tow truck driver and another man got into an argument on the curb outside the departures area. One of the men confronted a group of officers who were trying to calm things down. That man was shot dead by cops. It’s not clear if it was the tow truck driver or the other man who was shot dead.

3. The Columbus Police Bomb Squad Responded to the Scene

The Columbus Dispatch reports that as part of the massive police response to the airport, the bomb squad were called to investigate the shooting victim’s car.

4 The Airport Is Operating as Normal

There is no major impact on air traffic in the area due to the shooting. Departing passengers are being rerouted through a different terminal, according to the airport’s Twitter account. Some departing flights have been slightly delayed, reports WTVN.

5. 151 Flights Leave Port Columbus on a Daily Basis

Port Columbus flies 151 flights via 15 airlines daily, according to the Columbus Regional Airport Authority. In 2012, 6.3 million people flew out of the airport.




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