WATCH: ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Protesters Sing ‘Imagine’ in Unison

"Imagine" – John Lennon @ Marche Républicaine ParisVu que personne ne pouvait avancer, ma voisine a eu l'excellente idée de sortir sa chaîne stéréo et de passer des classiques. Grand moment d'émotion et de communion, totalement improvisé. // As no one could advance this day at the Paris' Marche Républicaine, my neighbor opened her windows and started to play classic tunes, to…2015-01-11T19:03:39.000Z

On January 11, over 1.5 million people marched in Paris, France in solidarity with free speech and in protest of the Charlie Hebdo terrorism.

As the crowds gathered in Place de la Republique (Republic Square), a Redditor whose apartment overlooks the iconic location decided to put on some music, specifically “peace music.”

Watch what happened when John Lennon’s Imagine came on.