Michael Robert Hoyt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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John Boehner’s former bartender has been indicted and charged with threatening to kill the Speaker of the House. Michael Robert Hoyt arrested in October and indicted on January 7. In a brief statement, Boehner’s press secretary Kara Hauck said the speaker was “aware of the situation” and “sincerely thanks the FBI, the Capitol Police and local authorities in Ohio for their efforts.”

Here’s what you need to know about Michael Hoyt and his alleged plans to kill one of the nation’s most prominent politicians:

1. FBI: Hoyt Thinks He Is Jesus & Boehner Is the Devil

Michael Hoyt John Boehner plot

Hoyt allegedly told an officer with the Deer Park, Ohio, police that he was Jesus and that Boehner was the devil. Hoyt then told the cop that he wanted to shoot Boehner with his .380 automative and then “take off.” He also had possession of SKS rifle ammo, as well as other munitions. According to Hoyt’s mother, she stole her son’s SKS rifle when she noticed her son being agitated and not eating or sleeping.

According to the FBI’s criminal complaint, Hoyt knew Boehner through Hoyt’s role as a bartender at the Wetherington Country Club in West Chester, Ohio, where Boehner frequents. While he worked there, Hoyt was known as “Bartender Mike.” In October, Hoyt was fired from his job, allegedly for poor relations with customers. That’s when Hoyt called cops to blame Boehner for his troubles. At Hoyt’s home in Deer Park, Ohio, cops found journals that detailed Hoyt’s feelings toward Boehner. Hoyt believed that the speaker was responsible for the 2014 Ebola outbreak. In one fantasy, Hoyt said that he wanted to confront Boehner about the spread of the virus in one of Cincinnati’s sports stadiums.

You can read the full criminal complaint here:

2. Hoyt Allegedly Said He Could Have Poisoned Boehner’s Drink ‘Many Times’



Documents indicate that Boehner acknowledged knowing Hoyt but didn’t recall any animosity between the two. In one email to Boehner’s wife, Debbie, Hoyt wrote, “I could have poisoned his wine at Wetherington many, many times.” When Debbie replied to Hoyt asking what he wanted, Hoyt said:

Mrs. Boehner, I was fired. I could not email Mr. Boehner directly because of the zip code block on his email. It doesn’t matter anyway. If he took a real interest in anything he would insure his Club was better than the Country, but they are exactly the same and life goes on SSDD. Sincerely, Mike. Mike, your former bartender.

He added that nobody checked the drinks he served for Boehner and that it would have been “very easy to slip something in.”

3. Hoyt Said He Was Fired Because He Called Coworkers ‘C*cksucking Motherf*ckers’

In a lengthy blog post that Hoyt made on October 28, Hoyt goes through the reasons for his firing, including swearing at coworkers, and why he believes he shouldn’t have been let go. He also says in his post that he “asked multiple coworkers if they are sexting [him].” One of his problems with working there was employees playing music that uses “the “N” word.” He also says that employees showed porn to each other during work. Ultimately he describes his role at the country club:

My roll as a bartender/ captain was such that I was to help run the place though I did not hire, fire, write-up or otherwise have any real manager power. I was a co-worker that knew a lot and was called upon to help run the place to ensure Members were taken care of. I was constantly coaching and directing staff in a positive manner. I would tell and or show them how they could improve what they were doing. Unfortunately, some of my coworkers would say no and ignore me.

4. He Has a History of Mental Problems

Michael Hoyt Facebook page


Hoyt has had a history of mental problems, according to the FBI. He was taking psychotropic medication but stopped his dosage in April 2014. Hoyt also told police that he had suicidal thoughts occasionally but never acted on them. On Hoyt’s Facebook page, his profile picture shows a dog. There are two photos, one of a sunset, another of a group of people at a party. His last posted on Facebook came on October 29 when he wrote, “ADT NEEDS TO GET OUT OF DEER PARK NOW. I WILL NOT REPEAT THIS1!”

Michael Hoyt Facebook page


5. This Is the 3rd Threat Against Boehner in Less Than 12 Months

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He is the third person to be charged with threatening John Boehner’s life in the past 12 months. In May 2014, Brandon James Thompson from Indiana was charged with threatening Boehner over unemployment insurance. Then later that same month, Ronald Frazier of Arizona was arrested for making a threat against Boehner on Twitter.