WATCH: Tel Aviv Bus Stabber Shot by Israeli Police [NSFW]

Tel Aviv Terrorist After his Arresthttp://www.israelnationalnews.com2015-01-21T07:24:29.000Z

Hamza Mohammed Matrouk, a Palestinian terrorist, stabbed 11 people on a bus in Israel with a knife.

According to Yahoo! News:

The attack was the latest in a spate of Palestinian attacks against Israelis over recent months, which has been largely reserved to Jerusalem but also has spilled over to the West Bank and Tel Aviv.

Matrouk was quickly tracked down afterwards and shot by police. Above you can hear him writhing in pain and crying.

Hamas praised the attacks as “brave and heroic.”

The above video was shared on Reddit’s “Justice Porn”, which shows videos of justice being served for inhumane acts—like those of Matrouk.

The top comment reads:

My only complaint is this video is only 9 seconds.

We couldn’t agree more.

Below is the video of Matrouk committing the attack as captured on a CCTV.

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