WATCH: Man Breaks Down Door With Machete, Gets Shot

Quite simply this is one of the most horrifying viral videos you will watch today. In January 2015, Twain Thomas was sentenced to 15 years in prison for terrorizing his neighbors, breaking down a door with a machete. After hacking through the door, Thomas was shot in the chest by his neighbor, James Cvengros. When he was sentenced, Thomas said “I know they were terrified.” In the video you can hear Cvengros saying he has a gun.

The Idaho State Journal reports that Thomas is a veteran with no history of violence. The paper further reports that Cvengros and Thomas had run-ins prior to the incident in the video. In one instance, Thomas kicked Cvengros’ door down, complaining about loud music. That run-in prompted Cvengros to buy a gun, the same gun he would use to shoot Thomas in February 2014.

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