Where Can I Buy Tomorrow’s Issue of Charlie Hebdo?

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People hold a copy of a Charlie Hebdo newspaper and a sign reading ‘I am Charlie’ as they gather on January 7, 2015. (Getty)

Today, the surviving staff at Charlie Hebdo announced that the next edition of the satirical newspaper will be released next Wednesday despite the January 7 terror attack. The cover of newspaper was revealed on January 12 to show the Prophet Muhammad holding a sign reading “Je Suis Charlie.” The background features the writing, Tout Est Pardonne, meaning “All is forgiven.”

Charlie Hebdo Cover Je Suis Charlie

Many people participating in discussions on online forums have now begun to ask where they can purchase a copy to help show their support.

In fact, Charlie Hebdo staffers are counting on the world’s support.

According to BBC:

The lawyer for Charlie Hebdo, Richard Malka, tells AFP news agency that next week’s edition of the magazine will have a print run of one million – it normally prints 60,000. It will also be half the length at eight pages.

The final print run was upped to three million.

So where can you buy a copy?

UPDATE 1/13/15: The Newstand UK was offering it, but has sold out. Read below for other options.

However, keep in mind it is a hot commodity and may be difficult to find.

But good news, more copies will be printed.

The real estate on eBay has already been staked out somewhat with one seller offering the January 14 issue for $500, another for offers it for $90.

If you’re not in a French-speaking country or in a large metropolitan area such as New York City, it may be hard. Heavy.com reached out to booksellers Barnes & Noble, where a rep told us that they’re not stocking the issue. He added that there is a possibility they could get some copies to their Union Square store.

Here’s what a Redditor discussion is saying about purchasing locations and availability:

It is distributed outside of France. We get it here in Canada for one thing (at least the French part). You ought to be able to get a copy in any well furnished specialised magazine/newspaper outlet with an international section. Probably most airport newsstands will also have some copies. -Gargatua13013

I went and tried to find some info about that in London. A few French bookshops know about this and they’re trying to get their distributor to get some copies for the UK. –Calembreloque

For New Yorkers:

They sell it at the magazine shop I go to in the Village. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at [Grand Central Terminal]. Check online to see if there is a newsstand or periodical shop where you’re at. –an_old_methuselah

And elsewhere:

Most “World” Magazine shops will have it, or if your in a major city, the airport news stands might have it as well. –timtooltime

For everyone else:

If you’re still stuck on how to receive a copy, you can contact someone in France.

…you can get someone in France to send a copy to you. According to the price chart… of the French Post Office, it’s only 2.10€ to send a 50g letter internationally. Ask /r/france if someone is willing to do it. –Silencement

So there you have it.

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