Dylan Thomas, Jessie Umberger & Rebecca Gotay: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A 17-year-old and two 18-year-olds are accused of trying to murder another teen with a crowbar in an affluent beach community in Florida. The victim, Daniel Vukovich, 17, remains in critical condition after the attack, which occurred on the morning of February 19 in Satellite Beach, 60 miles east of Orlando.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cops Say the Trio Thought Vukovich Stole Their Weed

Daniel Vukovich community

The victim is Daniel Vukovich. (Brevard County Sheriff’s Department)

According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department, the attack on Vukovich happened early in the morning of February 19 as he was on his way to school. The sheriff’s office says that the motivation for the attack was Vukovich’s alleged theft of weed and smoking paraphernalia that belonged to Thomas and Umberger. Early reports of the attack had incorrectly stated that Vukovich had been shot. The teenager was discovered by his mother.

Rebecca Gotay pictured on her Twitter page.

Rebecca Gotay pictured on her Twitter page.

The three teens are being held on charges of premeditated murder. All being held in jail without bond. Investigators say the three had planned the murder for weeks. The plans for the attack were finalized when the trio all allegedly met at a home. It’s then that investigators say they agreed to drive to Vukovich’s home as he was leaving for school and kill him. According to the sheriff’s office, Thomas was charged with carrying out the attack and Gotay was the getaway driver. Umberger’s exact role in the plot is unclear.

2. Jessie Umberger & Dylan Thomas Are ‘Engaged’

Dylan Thomas Jessie Umberger Facebook

Thomas and Umberger. (Facebook)

On her Facebook, Jessie Umberger says she’s engaged to Dylan Thomas. It also says that she attended Satellite High School and lives in South Patrick Shores, Florida. Her profile photo, shows Dylan and Jessie together. On his Facebook page, Dylan Thomas says they’ve been engaged since June 2014. The couple have been together since 2013.

3. Dylan Thomas Was in a Band Called The Ripping Martesians

Dylan Thomas The Ripping Martesians

Dylan Thomas pictured in March 2013. (Facebook)

On his Facebook page, Thomas mentions being in a band called The Ripping Martesians. On the band’s website it says that Thomas is only 13 years old. His bio there says that he’s originally from California and began playing bass when he was ten. It also says that his favorite band is AC/DC.

4. Daniel Vukovich Isn’t Friends on Facebook With His Alleged Attackers

Daniel Vukovich pictured on Twitter.

Daniel Vukovich pictured on Twitter.

According to his Facebook page, Daniel Vukovich is a native of Vero Beach, Florida and now lives in Satellite Beach. He isn’t friends with any of his alleged attackers on the social media site. On Facebook Jessie Umberger’s sister, Amber, wrote after news of the arrests were made public, “Leave me the f*ck alone I’m not talking to anyone about Jessie so don’t even.”

5. There Hasn’t Been a Murder in Satellite Beach Since 2010

This attack was followed by the discovery of a woman’s body in Satellite Beach on the morning of February 20. WESH reports that the woman’s death is being treated as “suspicious.” Jessie Umberger’s sister posted a link to an news story about that death on her Facebook page.

Online records show that there hasn’t been a murder in the community since 2010.