WATCH: Jerusalem Mayor Takes Down Palestinian Terrorist With Own Hands

Terrorist Apprehended by Jerusalem Mayor & Bodyguardsisraelnationalnews.com2015-02-22T16:26:16.000Z

Nir Barkat, the Mayor of Jerusalem, was walking with bodyguards in Jerusalem’s Safra Square, the site of city hall.

While he was out, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed and seriously wounded a Yeshiva student.

Barkat was onhand to physically aid in the capture of the terrorist with the help of his bodyguards. The video above is the aftermath after the terrorist had been apprehended, with Barkat the individual in the white shirt.

Birkat tweeted a verse from the Bible shortly after the violence:

On Humteich Jerusalem I placed guardians.

Isaiah is a major Hebrew prophet who was a defender of Jerusalem.

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