WATCH: Meet the First Volunteers to Die on Mars

If I die on Mars | Guardian DocsMeet the people who've volunteered to be on the first manned mission to Mars … and stay there. Subscribe to The Guardian ► Three volunteers are on the shortlist to be among four people on the Mars One programme, the first manned space flight to Mars – a one-way trip that's effectively a suicide…2015-02-09T15:34:14.000Z

In 2013, Mars One launched open enrollment for the first human colonizers of the red planet. The process will coincide with a reality television show.

Two years later, the candidates have been whittled down to less than a thousand and here we get to meet three potential astronauts: a physics student in the UK, a young doctor from Mozambique, and an Iraqi-American woman.

Redditors had a lengthy discussion about the video and the candidates and made some very interesting points, mainly about the video’s obsession with sex and masturbation. Comments include:

All the people in the video were chosen to build publicity. Strange and crazy sells. I imagine there are other applicants that would be more viable. In fact, I find the video’s fixation on masturbation to be strange. Why is that so important that is goes in your video? Weird motivations.

Whoever is funding this should build their replica spacecrib in the middle of Antarctica, and stock it with spacesuits so these volunteers can live there for a few years just to qualify for the Job. I imagine most of them would drop out.

I agree. It looks like all three are trying to run away from problems but none have really thought all the details through.

What do you think?

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