Teenager Has World’s First Penis Reduction Surgery

Penis Reduction Surgery weird penis

(Journal of Sexual Medicine)

A teenager in Florida has become the recipient of the world’s first penis reduction surgery. The size of his phallus prevented the teen from having sex, and the disfigured member was also visible through his clothes, causing him “social embarrassment.”

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(Journal of Sexual Medicine)

Images published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine show the boy’s penis was shaped like a football. It was 7 inches in length and 10 inches in circumference. In the medical article, the surgeons who worked on the case wrote, “There comes a time in every urologist’s career that a patient makes a request so rare and impossible to comprehend that all training breaks down and leaves the physician speechless. That question was ‘can you make my penis smaller?'”

You can read a preview of the surgeons’ paper and see graphic images from the surgery in the Journal of Sexual Medicine here.

The teenager, 17, a competitive football player, had suffered from priaprism — a condition where the boy’s erect penis did not become flaccid again. This was due to a case of sickle cell where abnormally shaped blood cells blocked the blood flow. On more than one occasion the teenager had to go to the emergency room. His penis didn’t grow when it became erect, it just became firmer.

In the article, Dr. Rafael Carrion and his colleagues say that they used a technique that’s used to treat Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes curvature of the penis. Surgeons cut along the boy’s circumcision scar and unwrapped the skin of the penis. The doctors successfully avoided the boy’s urethra and nerves during the surgery.

The patient’s hospital stay was just two days, “and [he] was very satisfied,” though it’s also stated that the boy “had not reported any sexual activity as of yet.” The teenager has no problems maintaining normal erections. His penis is “slightly longer and slightly thicker than the average male.” The doctor also writes that since performing the surgery, another man has come forward to ask for a reduction. That man just has an extremely long penis, according to Dr. Carrion.