Powerball Jackpot: Winners in Texas, North Carolina, Puerto Rico


Winning tickets were sold in Texas, North Carolina and Puerto Rico in Wednesday’s bumper $564 million Powerball drawing, reports USA Today.

It’s not known yet whether there are any other winners and lottery officials had no details about the exact locations where the jackpot tickets were sold.

These are the winning numbers for the latest Powerball — the fifth largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history:

11 13 25 39 54 Powerball 19

If there’s no winner then the roll-on amount for Saturday is likely to set an all-time record.

If one person wins the $500 million windfall, the money could be paid out in 30 annual checks averaging about $16.7 million each.

A lump sum would leave the ticket holder with a whopping $337.8 million before tax — more than $50 million richer than Kanye West and Kim Kardashian put together. The final take-home sum would total $253 million.

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