WATCH: Bethany Hamilton Pregnant With Baby Boy

Bethany Hamilton posted a video on her Facebook page on Monday announcing her pregnancy while surfing with proud husband Adam Dirks.

The pro surfer – who lost her left arm in a shark attack in 2003 – is 22 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.

“Baby on board,” she announces while sitting on a longboard as Adam strokes her baby bump. Then the couple stand up to catch a wave together.

She says she hasn’t let her condition slow her down – admitting she’s surfed Pipeline in Hawaii, one of the world’s most radical surf breaks, since discovering she’s expecting.

“It’s been a pretty crazy last four months finding out that we’re going to be parents,” says the 25-year-old. “I’ve been surfing throughout my whole pregnancy. I plan to surf as long as I can.”

On raising a child with one arm, she adds: “I’ll figure it out and be creative. I kind of forget that I have one arm, a squirming baby  and changing diapers and just me could be really challenging but I think how I live now I just adjust and adapt to different things and I’ll find my own ways to take care of the baby.”

Adam and Bethany, who competed in The Amazing Race together, said the baby is due in June.