WATCH: Bruce Jenner Death Crash Video

Bruce Jenner – Accident Reconstruction and Animation*Update* Answers to common questions about this video: Why did we create this? Courtroom Animation – (formerly Integral Media Works) – specializes in re-creating accidents and catastrophic events using 3D analysis and animation. Our services have been used in wrongful death, personal injury, products, premises liability, and toxic tort litigation throughout the country. Visualization of the Jenner collision was created to highlight how efficiently our team works on even the most complex cases (the analysis, animation, and rendering was finalized in a day with minimal input data). In accident reconstruction, 3D Animation is a powerful tool to help reconcile impact dynamics, damage patterns, and vehicle rest positions. How did we create this? We consulted with multiple experts (forensic engineers and accident reconstructionists) to evaluate the vehicle damage, dynamics, and rest positions. The core items relied upon were the pre-impact photo sequence (originally reported by TMZ), and post impact photos of the scene. A conservation of momentum analysis was performed – using damage patterns and approximate rest positions as criteria. The analysis was then rendered in 3D, providing a first glimpse at some of the dynamics that may have been involved. Is this exactly what happened? The short answer is no. The quality of any analysis and visualization is dependent on the input data. In this case, the only available input data was photos. In a full reconstruction and foundational visualization we would rely on a laser scan of the accident site, EDR downloads from each vehicle (for pre impact speeds and impact severity), detailed 3D video analysis of the MTA DVR system, and witness statements. IMW is truly exceptional at combining input data and working with technical experts to efficiently create powerful, foundational 3D visualizations.2015-02-17T17:11:22.000Z

A new video could spell trouble for Bruce Jenner in the aftermath of the four car crash he was involved in that left one woman dead and seven injured in Malibu, California, earlier this month.

An MTA bus traveling just behind the vehicles in the mass collision is reported to have filmed the entire incident on mounted cameras and the footage is now in the hands of police.

The 65-year-old former Olympian is allegedly shown in the recording driving his Cadillac Escalade into the rear of the white Lexus driven by the woman killed in the accident and into the back of the Toyota Prius that was also damaged.

TMZ obtained a video re-creation of the accident which, although it is not said to be based on the MTA bus film, does reflect what it shows, says the celebrity website.

The bus was supposedly directly behind a Hummer that was also caught up in the crash.

TMZ and the Daily Mail suggest the new video evidence could open the door to a possible vehicular manslaughter prosecution against Jenner, who passed a roadside sobriety test in the immediate wake of the crash.

If any of the drivers are found criminally negligent, they could face felony charges with a possible prison sentence of up to six years.