WATCH: Kid Confession Video Alleges Satanic British Pedophile Ring

A series of videos released February 2, 2015 have taken Reddit by storm in what appears to be a confession of two British children of ritual sexual abuse and child sacrifice.

The above video is titled “231 Papa kills babies” and was uploaded to YouTube by a Henry Curteis, who could possibly be the children’s grandfather as it’s revealed in the video that a grandfather and the children’s mother are the ones filming. They claim that the children’s father (Papa) has initiated them into a pedophilia sex cult. The little girl is believed to be named “Alisa”, 9, but her brother’s name and age is not revealed.

Another, more graphic video, features only the brother and reveals the extent of the sexual abuse that these kids allege. It’s the very, very NSFW and very, very disturbing.

Accompanying the above video is a lengthy summary and a link to a petition that features a Russia Times article.

According to the article, the children live with their Russian immigrant mother in Barnet, England, in Greater London. The mother became concerned about her children after visiting their father and was horrified to discover that when pressed, the children admitted to sexual abuse.

The mother then reported the abuse to the Barnet Police who ordered medical examinations on the children and confirmed sexual abuse and violence. The children were then taken into Social Services and have been held in their custody since. The article then goes on to state:

Four months later the Local Authority still has not managed to provide evidence for the grounds on which they retain the children. There is obvious fabrication of facts against the mother and her then partner, gagging and bullying her, as well as generally unfair treatment in the courts.

A new hearing on the children’s custody has been set for February 16.

However, as some people on Reddit have pointed out, the children seem coached or rehearsed in some of the video. It may be possible that the mother was the one who was doing the abuse. Either way, a horrible situation for the kids to be involved in.

Organized pedophilia has been making British headlines lately, with allegations against high-ranking members of Britain’s establishment.

Whether this is an extension of such rings remains to be seen.

What do you think?

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