Alexa Morra: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Alexa Morra has been named as the woman charged with making explicit sex videos from inside public libraries in Ontario. Morra, 21, had not been named until she was arrested on March 6. This case comes just two months after former Oregon State University Kendra Sunderland was charged with indecency after making X-rated videos inside her school’s library.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Went by the Alias ‘Lilsecrett’ on My Free Cams

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CTV News in Canada first named Morra, who had been going by the alias, Lilsecrett, on the site My Free Cams. reports that Morra turned herself in to police in Windsor, Ontario, on the morning of March 6. Her lawyer, Tyler Jones, told the Windsor Star, “It’s been very stressful, of course. There has been an unanticipated amount of attention brought to this. But she is doing well under the circumstances.” He added:

I can say she has been co-operative with the police. She’s complied with all their demands. As per my direction, she will not be communicating with the media for the duration of this matter. Aside from that, given these developments and the fact it is now in the legal system, my hope is that certain factions of the media would stop in their continued presence at her mother’s home where she does not reside.

She faces one charge of performing an indecent act. Morra, whose full name is Alexandria Morra, was released on a promise to appear in court. She’s due to appear on April 15. Morra used her own computer to stream the videos. CBC reports that the videos were recorded at the Riverside and Fontainbleau branches.

2. ‘Lilsecrett’ Was Called a ‘Hotter, Porn Version of Velma From Scooby-Doo’

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On her page at Vid.Me, it reads, “That’s right, the woman only known as “lilsecrett” on myfreecams showed herself Macaulay Chokin’ her female equivalent of a chicken and flashing her t*** and a** on camera in two different branches of the Windsor Public Library in Ontario, Canada.” At camgirl review site, Harriet Sugarcookie, it refers to Morra as “Lexi.” It calls her “a hotter, porn version of Velma from Scooby-Doo.” The Instagram page linked to at the bottom has been deleted. The review mentions that she regularly performs to around 2,000 – 3,000 users per-show.

3. She’s Been Fired From My Free Cams

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My Free Cams official policy is that models to not perform acts at public places. Morra is also being investigated for making videos at a Tim Horton’s coffee shop, reports CTV.

A branch of the Windsor Public Library. (Wikipedia)

A branch of the Windsor Public Library. (Wikipedia)

The National Post reports that Morra has been fired from My Free Cams “for violating company policies that are posted on the website.”

4. Another Cam Girl Is Outraged at Morra’s Alleged Performances

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Aussie cam girl Lolita Borgia was outraged that Lilsecrett performed her act so close to children. (Twitter)

Australian cam girl Lolita Borgia (WARNING VERY EXPLICIT CONTENT) also criticized Lilsecrett’s actions in a January 29 Instagram post that read, “Congratulations to lilsecrett for masturbating on MyFreeCams in a public library with children in the vicinity – u have fulfilled the twisted dreams of pedophiles & have not only encouraged their evil sickness but have supplied them with pornographic material… please don’t have children & censor yourself!!! #BoycottMyFreeCams #ProtectChildren #ChildProtectionAgency #MyFreeCamsPedophiliaIgnorance #WTF #IgnoranceIsNoExcuse #KidsNeedOurProtection #CamModelsUnite.”

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During one of Lilsecrett’s videos, a little girl approached the star and the two had a brief conversation. This happened while the stream was ongoing on My Free Cams.

The user Lilsecrett has posted 52 library videos on My Free Cams from October 2014 to January 2015. Speaking to the National Post, library CEO Kitty Pope said:

We were pretty shocked. We learned about a young person in the library in January who was taking inappropriate pictures of herself. When staff discovered this, they tried to find out who she was. She wouldn’t identify herself so they asked her to leave.

Pope added that it was only after being contacted by CBC that she learned of the full-extent of Morra’s alleged actions.

5. One Reviewer Told Kendra Sunderland to Move Over to Make Way for ‘Lilsecrett’

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The case is oddly reminiscent of the Kendra Sunderland case. She was the Oregon State University student who was charged with making similar videos on campus at her school. Sunderland was also fired from My Free Cams for her actions. A review for Morra tells Kendra Sunderland to “move over.”