Aniah Ferguson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 16-year-old mom with a history of violence has been charged in the brutal beat-down at a Brooklyn McDonald’s that became a viral video. The March 9 brawl involved six teenage girls beating on one female victim. Police say Aniah Ferguson was the ringleader.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Her Mother Isn’t Defending Her

Speaking to the Daily News, Ferguson’s mother said, “I’m [Aniah’s] mother and I’m not defending her. I didn’t raise her like this. I don’t know why she did it.” Ferguson has been charged with gang assault and robbery. The teen is accused of stealing the purse of her victim, Ariana Taylor. You can watch a video of the brawl above.

2. Ferguson Has Been Previously Charged With Punching Her Grandmother & Stabbing Her Brother

News 12 Brooklyn reports that despite being just 16, Ferguson has a lengthy criminal record. In September 2014, she was charged with resisting arrest after being apprehended for punching a 20-year-old woman. A month later, she was charged with assaulting her grandmother. Most recently, in February 2015, Ferguson was accused of stabbing her brother in the arm inside her family’s home in the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. CBS New York reports Aniah has been arrested six times since September.

3. Ferguson Has a 1-Year-Old Baby

Aniah Ferguson Facebook

Aniah Ferguson pictured on her Facebook page.

Aniah is the mother of a 1-year-old child. A neighbor told the Daily News that in January 2015 she saw Ferguson’s grandmother running from their home screaming, “She’s going to burn the house down.” The New York Post adds that her grandmother has a protection order against Ferguson. That neighbor commented that Ferguson “is a sick child — and she really, really needs help.” In court, prosecutors said that Aniah is a gang member. CBS New York reports that she’s being held in court on a bond of $500,000.

4. A ‘Sopranos’ Actor Said Ferguson Should Be ‘Put Down’

Actor Vincent Curatola pictured with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at James Gandolfini's funeral in 2013. (Getty)

Actor Vincent Curatola pictured with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at James Gandolfini’s funeral in 2013. (Getty)

The Sopranos star Vincent Curatola, who played Johnny Sack on the hit show, tweeted that Ferguson should be “put down, like a rabid animal.” The star added, “Where is Sharpton on this…huh?..” A few hours previously Curatola took another shot at Sharpton, writing, “Sharpton wants people to change…But not HIS people…” Prior to that, Curatola commented on the anniversary of the march on Selma by saying it was “in the past.” On March 12, Sharpton dedicated a segment to the brawl on his MSNBC show.

5. Ariana Taylor, Her Victim, Has Been Bragging About Her Fame on Facebook

Ariana Taylor Facebook

Ariana Taylor pictured on her Facebook page.

On her Facebook page, Ferguson’s alleged victim, Ariana Taylor, has been bragging about her fame and status. On March 12, she wrote on her page, “Everyone Like Im Famous Now.” She’s a ninth-grader at Brooklyn’s Erasmus high, close to the McDonald’s where the brawl broke out. Taylor also took aim at reports that she had two black eyes following the attack, saying, “WHAT TWO BLACK EYES.” She went on to call a newspaper a “LIER.” Taylor is not co-operating with the investigation and has not filed a complaint.




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