Austin Moore & Mariah Rivera: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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An Oregon teenager will be the star of his junior prom after a Vegas showgirl agreed to be his date. The teen, 16-year-old Austin Moore, reached out to Mariah Rivera via Twitter to ask her. She agreed on the condition that he get the request retweeted 10,000 times. He didn’t quite hit that magic number but Rivera is agreeing to go anyway.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kevin Hart Retweeted Austin Moore’s Original Twitter Invitation

Celebrities including Kevin Hart and Robin Leach got in on the fun and retweeted Moore’s message in the attempt to help Austin hit 10,000.

Even though he didn’t make it, Rivera told the Las Vegas Sun that she’s still game to go if the school are okay with it. She said “It’s definitely a first, and all good fun. It’s very flattering, although a little embarrassing. He’s not even old enough to see our show yet he wants a Las Vegas showgirl to go with him to the prom.” The Oregonian reports that she’s the first cousin of one of his friends.

2. His Principal Says Rivera Can’t go to Prom

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KGW in Oregon reports that Austin’s principal at Regis High School, Scott Coulter, says that she can’t go because prom attendees can’t be older than 19 years old. Austin told the station, “She is, like, 30, I guess and I wasn’t really thinking about that at the time. I was throwing a shot in the dark.” Though he’s not too distraught because he says “I still got a girlfriend to go with.” On his Facebook page as news of his date went national, Austin wrote, “Yall are crazy!!! I did this for my friends not me :) my girlfriend was always going to be my date, just wanted my friends to have fun.”

3. Rivera Is a Married Woman

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Austin would not have been able to get fresh with his date because she’s a married woman. Rivera also performs at the Luxor Hotel & Casino’s show “Fantasy.” She also works in modeling and is a part-time cheerleader.

4. Rivera Won a Playboy Competition in 2013

On a profile on Playboy’s Miss Social page, Rivera writes that she’s native of Grand Junction, Colorado and is a Broncos fan. In November 2013, she was the winner of Playboy’s Miss Social competition. She moved to Vegas in 2003 to study at the University of Las Vegas where she majored in Business Administration. From there, she went to work in a variety of Vegas shows and at events, including “Sky at the Rio Hotel Casino, Greg Thompson Production’s eRCOKtica, Showgirls and Rhinestone Cowgirls, Risque at the Paris, Steve Wyrick’s Magic Show, Las Vegas Girls in Italy, Sin City Kitties in Primm, Magical Passion in Shenyang China, and now FANTASY!!” She adds that she’s been a ring girl for MGM and done what she calls “National Ads.” Rivera finishes with a love note to Sin City, “Vegas has given me so many wonderful opportunities, and the possibilities really are endless here!! I wake up everyday wait for my next dream to really can come true!!”

5. Austin Describes His Dream Girl as Being ‘Funny & Very Flirty But Can Keep it Classy’

Austin’s page offers some insight into his taste in women, one commenter asked him “Do you like girls with big boobs?” To which he replied, “Yeah? like that was a dumb question lol.” On his page he routinely names girls at his school who he thinks are cute. He describes his dream girl as, “blonde. Tom girl. tattoos. wakeboards, snowboards and is funny and very flirty but can keep it classy,”