Brice Robin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A high-profile French prosecutor has told the world that pilot Andreas Lubitz purposely crashed Germanwings Flight 9525 into the French Alps. The plane crashed on March 24 with all 150 on board perishing. According to the plane’s black box recorder, Captain Patrick Sonderheimer was locked out of the cockpit during the plane’s slow descent into the Alps. The captain went to use the bathroom and was not allowed back in the cockpit by Lubitz, according to Robin.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Robin Says Identification of All of the Bodies Will Take Weeks

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According to Prosecutor Brice Robin, the identification of the bodies of the victims will take weeks. Robin said the devastation around the crash site is overwhelming with the wings and plane’s fuselage completely destroyed. The Germanwings flight crashed into an area in the French Alps, close to the town of Barcelonnette, north of Marseilles.

2. He Once Prosecuted Game Rigging Handball Players in France

Robin during the handball scandal in 2012. (Getty)

Robin during the handball scandal in 2012. (Getty)

In 2012, Robin led the investigation into Montpellier’s handball team. The team, France’s champions at the time, were accused of game rigging, fixes that netted the team nearly $300,000 collectively. One specific bet included rigging what score the team would be losing at the half in one game, reported France 24.

3. Robin’s Office Discovered That Horses Were Being Used as Meat in Frozen Food

Bryce RObin horsemeat scandal


During the horse meat scandal in Europe in 2013, Brice Robin led the charge against those who were fraudulently selling horse to food producers. Reuters reported in December 2013 that Robin arrested 21 people who were accused of slaughtering and selling horses for illegally purposes, reports Reuters.

4. Right Now, He’s Investigating a High-Profile Murder in Nice

Wojciech Janowski admitted to police that he murdered 77-year-old heiress Helene Pastor in June 2014. (Getty)

Wojciech Janowski is accused murdered 77-year-old heiress Helene Pastor in June 2014. (Getty)

Helene Pastor was killed in Nice in May 2014, she was Monaco, the principalities’ richest woman. She was also an heir to one of France’s biggest real-estate fortunes, reports the Daily Telegraph. Her daughter’s former boyfriend, Polish businessman Wojiech Janowski, has been “implicated” in her murder, reports the Guardian. The case is being prosecuted by Brice Robin.

5. He Took on the Role of Prosecutor With a Promise to Reduce Marseille’s Massive Crime Rate



When he moved to Marseille to become the city’s prosecutor in February 2013, he inherited a city in disrepair, with more than 20,000 robberies being reported. He has succeeded at stabilizing the crime rate, reports La Provence.