WATCH: 2 Police Officers Shot in Ferguson

Video taken outside the Ferguson Police Department headquarters shows the scene as shots were fired at officers Thursday morning during protests against the embattled department.

Two St. Louis County officers were shot, according to the St. Louis County Police Department. The shots were reported at about 12:15 a.m. Protesters said on Twitter that the shots did not come from the group of about 100 gathered in the police department’s parking lot, but from behind them. Witnesses said the shots seemed to come from the parking lot of Andy Wurm Tire & Wheels, located on South Florissant Road, across the street from the police headquarters.

Protesters had come together near the police station after Chief Tom Jackson’s resignation was announced earlier. Some arrests were made and officers, some in riot gear, had blocked off the street on both sides of the protesters, according to Twitter posts by community organizers at the scene.

Tension remains high in Ferguson after Michael Brown was fatally shot seven months ago by Officer Darren Wilson, who was not charged in the shooting. A scathing Justice Department report released last week found racism in the practices of the police department and city, leading to the resignations of Jackson, the city manager, two officers, the city’s top judge and court clerk.