Fort Meade Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Police say two men disguised as women in an SUV packed with drugs and guns tried to gain access to the NSA building in Fort Meade, Maryland. The two cross-dressers tried to ram the gates of the agency headquarters around 9:30 a.m. on March 30. Both were shot by the building’s guards.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. The Cross-Dressers’ SUV Was Stolen From a Man They ‘Partied With All Night’

The car that tried to ram the gates at Fort Meade. (Screengrab via WUSA)

The car that tried to ram the gates at Fort Meade. (Screengrab via WUSA)

A source told ABC7’s Brad Jones that the two cross-dressers robbed the SUV from a man who they partied with all night at a hotel.

NBC Washington reports that two men who were disguised as women tried to gain entry to the NSA building before being stopped by guards. The station also says that guns and drugs were found in the suspects’ car. According to the NSA, the two men refused orders to stop their car. Guards at the building’s main gate then opened fire on the suspects.

2. One of the Cross-Dressers Is Dead; the Other Has a History of Assault

One of the men died after being shot in the chest by an NSA guard, reports CBS Baltimore. The other suspect was also shot but survived. He’s now being treated at a local hospital. That suspect has been named as Kevin Fleming. He has a criminal past that includes an assault arrest, reports CBS Baltimore.

One of the building’s guards was also injured during the altercation. He could be seen in the immediate aftermath of the shooting being taken to a hospital, conscious with his arm in a sling.

3. Investigators Say There Is No Link to Terrorism

The investigation was being handled by the NSA, according to the Anne Arundel County police. Later, the FBI stepped in and took control of proceedings. CBS Baltimore reports that investigators have closed off roads around Fort Meade. The Anne Arundel fire department was on scene, but a spokesperson said no information could be released because the incident happened on NSA property, reports the Baltimore Sun. The department was first called to Fort Meade after they got a call about a vehicle collision at the NSA gates. Investigators say there is no link to terrorism.

4. There Are 30,000 NSA Employees at Fort Meade

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According to NSA documents, the agency moved to Fort Meade in 1955. There are more than 30,000 National Security Agency employees working at Fort Meade. The agency makes up the largest proportion of workers at Fort Meade. The Department of Defense employs 4,000 people there, and the U.S. military has 11,000 employees at Fort Meade. The military facility is the third largest employer in the state of Maryland. Other agencies at the facility include the Defense Information School, United States Cyber Command and the Defensive Information Systems Agency. The base is located close to Baltimore and is bordered by the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

5. This Comes Less Than a Month After a Man Was Arrested for Allegedly Shooting at the NSA Building

Hong Young, from Beltsville, was arrested earlier in March 2015, charged with a string of shootings across Maryland. Those included one at the NSA where he allegedly shot at the building. Nobody was harmed in those attacks, with Young telling police that he had been “hearing voices,” reports CBS News. Young had previously worked as a security guard.