French Reality TV Show Helicopter Crash: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sylvain Wiltord Dropped

Former French soccer star was due to star in the show but was not on board the helicopter that crashed. (Getty)

Two helicopters carrying the cast of a French celebrity reality TV show have crashed in Argentina, killing all on board.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. In Total, 10 People Are Dead

The crash happened around 5 p.m. local time close to the town of Villa Castelli, in the north western part of Argenina, reports Le Parisien. In total ten people are dead with the newspaper reporting that eight of them are French and two are Argentine. According to a local government spokesman in northern Argentina who was speaking to the AFP, “There are several French nationals among the victims. So far we only know of two Argentine victims.”

2. The 2 Choppers Collided

The two helicopters are believed to have collided. One of the choppers was government owned. Argentine news network 24 Hours reports that weather is not believed to have been a factor because conditions were clear. Argentine reporter Leonardo Vallejo told Minuto Uno, “Apparently there was friction between the two helicopters. This was the second stage of filming and the two helicopters took competitors and logistics people. Weather conditions were optimal and the accident happened in a matter of minutes.”

3. Soccer Star Sylvain Wiltord, Who Was Due to Star in the Show, Is Still Alive

The show is called Dropped and was due to be broadcast in France later in 2015. Among the cast is former soccer star Sylvain Wiltord and TV weatherman and host Louis Bordin. According to French reporter Vezirian Thibaud, both of those men are still alive and were not involved in the crash.

4. The Show Starred 8 Prominent French Athletes

Jeannie Longo Dead

Cyclist Jeannie Longo was due to take part in the show. (Getty)

The show Dropped was first announced in February. According to 10 Sport, the cast was to include Sylvain Wiltord, swimmers Alain Bernad and Camille Muffat as well as boxer Alexis Vastine and cyclist Jeannie Longo. The plot of the show was for two groups of former athletes to be dropped in two separate locations on the other side of the world. Both teams have to then survive in the wilderness.

5. The Crash Happened Close to the Andes Mountains

KTM's rider Ruben Faria of Portugal competes during the Stage 11 of the Dakar 2013 between La Rioja. (Getty)

KTM’s rider Ruben Faria of Portugal competes during the Stage 11 of the Dakar 2013 between La Rioja. (Getty)

The crash happened in the district known as a La Rioja, about 700 miles north of the capital Buenos Aires. It’s a popular place with tourists due to the scenic mountainous views. The Andes mountains are to the west of the area. La Rioja is also home to the famous Talampaya National Park.