Jessica McCarty: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jessica McCarty, 33, has been accused of killing two of her children.

Jessica McCarty, 33, has been accused of killing two of her children.

A Florida mother, Jessica McCarty, killed two of her children, critically injured a third and cut her own wrists before calling police, according to media reports. Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Slit Her Own Wrists Before Calling the Police

According to media reports, Police responded to Jessica McCarty’s Palm Bay, Florida home at about 6 p.m. on Friday evening to find her on the frond lawn and armed with a knife.

Police allegedly received a call from McCarty, saying her children were dead and that she had slit her own wrists.

2. The Children Were 7 and 6 Years Old

McCarty allegedly attacked three from two different fathers. Laci McCarty, 7 years old, was pronounced dead at the scene and Philip McCarty was just 6 years old when he died en route to the hospital. He was pronounced dead at 11.22 p.m.. A third child, Christopher Swist, 5 months old, is reportedly in critical condition.

As local news station WFTV reported, Palm Bay Police Department Chief Mark Renkens said children were found both inside and outside the residence when police arrived:

“Officers immediately found the children in the house and outside the house. They immediately began CPR.”

3. Her Partner Also Called Police

Police received two calls regarding the incident, one allegedly from McCarty herself and a second from Christopher Swist, the father of 5-month-old currently in critical condition. According to Renkins:

“The information that we received over 911 was that the lady had either injured or killed her children.”

Shortly after the first 911 call, Christopher Swist apparently returned home to find the children severely injured. He immediately called 911 again, police said.

4. Police Used Non-Lethal Rounds to Make the Arrest

Police arrived to find McCarty on her front lawn, according to WPTV. She initially refused to show police what she had in her hand, the object eventually proving to be a knife.

When she refused to comply with requests to drop the knife, McCarty was shot with beanbag rounds of ammunition, intended to be non-lethal.

5. She Has a ‘History’ of Arrests

WFTV reported that McCarty has previous convictions for acquiring a controlled substance by fraud and violating parole in 2013, Renkins saying she “has a bit of a history.”

McCarty was transferred to an area hospital and is being detained in advance of possible charges.

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