Kevin Pimentel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 12-year-old boy in Florida shot and killed his 6-year-old brother in a fight over food. That boy has been named as Kevin Pimentel. He later committed suicide after turning the gun on himself. The horrifying murder/suicide happened on the afternoon of March 26 in the town of Hudson, 45 miles north of Tampa. It began over a fight about food in their trailer park home while their financially struggling mother was out working at one of her two jobs.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kevin Shot His Older Brother As Well

Kevin also shot his older brother, Trevor, 16. He survived and is co-operating with police. Sheriff Chris Nocco told the media that Trevor Pimentel was shot in the leg. He called 911. The sheriff described a “brutal scene” when officers to the home. He added “Our deputies will live with scars, it’s unbelievable how deep those scare they have to live with.” The first responding deputy heard gunshots as he entered the home. The Tampa Bay Times reports that Trevor is staying with relatives after being released from a local hospital. Kevin Pimentel was due to turn 13 before the end of March.

2. His Mother Works 2 Jobs to Support the Family

Helen Campochiaro Facebook

Kevin Pimentel pictured with his mother, Helen, and his younger brother, Brady. (Facebook)

Kevin’s mother, Helen Campochiaro, has been described by the Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco as being hard-working, she worked two jobs. Nocco said she’s “going through an absolute living hell right now.” She had recently been in a car-wreck. She wasn’t home when the shooting took place. A neighbor, Kara Butz, told the Tampa Tribune that there hadn’t been any problems with the family since they moved into the mobile home park in Hudson, Florida, a year ago. Butz says “There wasn’t any fighting over there. They just played around all the time. It’s a tragic thing that happened. We’re just trying to wrap our heads around what could have caused an argument to lead to that.” Kevin has been described as being quiet, and not playing with the other children on his street very much. He was a student at Hudson Middle School. The fight broke out while Kevin and Trevor were cooking food together, according to authorities. According to her Facebook page, the boy’s mother is a native of Tom’s River, New Jersey.

3. A Day Before the Shooting His Mother Made a Plea for Money on Go Fund Me

Helen Campochiaro Kevin Pimental

Helen Campochiaro pictured on her Facebook page.

In a Go Fund Me page that was created by Kevin’s mother, Helen Campochiaro, one day before the shooting, she describes her dire financial situation. She pleads with people to donate $1,400 for her hand her boys. Helen writes that her family has suffered “Divorce, theft, abuse.” She says that her boys are so “understanding” and that they desperately need money to move. Here’s the post in full:

Not sure where to start.My life could be an award winning book.Needless to say,me and my boys have had to start over from uncontrolled circumstances,too many times.Divorce,theft, abuse…I have sold almost everything I own to make a better life for my boys,more than once.

My four boys are my world and I revolve and live for them.I work 7 days a week self employed being able to work around them.9 months ago our lives were turned upside down from unexpected removal of a loved one.We pushed forward..2 months ago I was hit at a red light.Due to that and being a single mom once again,my work production and finances had been hit hard.

I now have an unreliable car that limits my work travel and live with a handicap and other health conditions that you know just a little about.Im not allowing it to change me.Im adapting and pushing forward best I can.BUT I need help.Ive never asked for anything from anyone.Im the one who takes care of everyone else and loves doing so.It weighs heavy asking for help but I need to break and do so for my boys.Keeping it short,I have about 2weeks to find and move into another home.

Im catching up very slowly,but have no means of getting deposit to move.I work as much as I can.I regretfuly feel like I never see my boys.They are so good and so understanding.They do more than their share at home and for me.Least I can do is put them in a good home.I believe in paying it forward and try to do my part everyday.

Family and friends kep pushing me to set up this account but I felt like it was me giving up.I never give up..I am asking for your help with gathering deposit.Forgive me for my grammar lol.I am half asleep due to no sleep from other worries not mentioned..I thank you dearly for anything and thank you for being apart of my life.

She mentions a fourth son in that posting, that son is 18 years old and wasn’t home at the time of the murder/suicide.

4. His Father Was Active in His Life

Brady Pimentel Funeral

Brady Pimentel. (Go Fund Me)

The Pasco County School District is offering grief counseling at local schools. Trevor is a student at Hudson High School, and Brady was at Hudson Elementary, he was a first-grader. The Tampa Tribune reports that the boy’s father was active in their lives and would often be seen picking them from their trailer. All of the boys played sports. The Tampa Bay Times reports that Helen Campochiaro and Louis Pimentel divorced in December 2013 and shared custody. The couple lived in Port Richey, Florida, at the time.

Posts on Helen Campochiaro’s Facebook page, show her kissing a man on March 19.

5. Cops Don’t Know Where Kevin Got the Gun

(Screengrab via ABC Action News)

(Screengrab via ABC Action News)

Authorities in Hudson don’t know where Kevin got the gun he used to kills his brother. The sheriff’s office said at a press conference that due to the family’s grief, they have been unable to conduct formal interviews to get more information.