WATCH: LAPD Allegedly Shoots, Kills Homeless Man

Graphic video shows LAPD shooting a homeless man(Breaking: Graphic video recorded by uploaded to facebook just hours ago shows LAPD shooting a homeless man.) UPDATES Community Responds to LAPD Shooting – #JusticeForAfrica – via @newsrevo LAPD Refuses to Release Body Camera Footage Of Police Shooting – via @newsrevo Another Man On Skid Row Assaulted By Police As Media Vultures Invade…2015-03-02T01:00:22.000Z

A video has popped up on YouTube that shows what appear to be Los Angeles Police officers Tasering and then fatally shooting a homeless person. Warning: The video above is graphic and contains some strong language.

The video was originally uploaded to Facebook and transferred to YouTube.

Officers shot the man five times, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that he had resisted arrest. The man died at about noon, shortly after the shooting, at a hospital, police told the Times.

The incident occurred at the intersection of San Pedro and 5th streets at about 11:30 a.m., Officer Jack Richter told the Times. The names of the injured and arrested individuals were not released and no other information was immediately available.

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