Nina & Alexey Obukhov: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Alexey Obukhov is the gun store owner who proclaimed President Obama to be “Firearm Salesman of the Year” in 2013. His wife and two young daughters are now dead after being shot. According to New Hampshire’s Attorney General, Alexey’s wife, Nina Obukhov, killed their two children, Katherine, 8, and Elizabeth, 6, in Bedford, New Hampshire, after shooting them in the head. Nina Obukhov then committed suicide. The atrocity happened on March 28.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Nina’s Husband Was Initially Labeled A Person of Interest in the Shootings

According to police in Bedford, New Hampshire, Nina Obukhov shot her two children in the head before turning the gun on herself. On the Facebook page of the Bedford Police Department, a statement on March 30 read:

So I am back at the station this morning and you have to know that when events like this happen it just changes the air in here…

The detectives and officers stayed long hours working the major case over the weekend. I was told that the Town Councilors brought in food for them while they were here.

That’s the type of thing that makes Bedford special. -That when exposed to such a tragedy there are those who support and remember us and the circumstances we face doing our job – it means so much to all of us. Thank you!

Property records list Nina as the owner of the townhouse where all three were found dead at 17 McAfee Farm Road in Bedford. Obukhov’s husband, Alexey, who also lives at the home, wasn’t there when the shooting occurred. A March 29 press release from New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jay McCormack made it clear that police weren’t looking for anybody else in relation to the murders, despite earlier reports that Alexey was regarded as a person of interest.

2. Alexey Obukhov Owns at a Gun Store That Referred to President Obama as ‘Firearm Salesman of the Year’

The Bedford Patch reports that Alexey Obukhov is one of the owners of a gun store called 619 DW Guns and Ammo in Merrimack, New Hampshire. The store gained massive media attention in 2013 when it displayed a picture of President Obama calling him “firearm salesman of the year.” You can watch a news report about the incident above. The store’s front is adorned with pictures of dictators such as Chairman Mao and Joseph Stalin, equating gun control with tyranny.

3. Alexey Had His Guns Taken From Him in 2013 After a Domestic Abuse Charge

AG's office investigating 3 suspicious deaths in Bedford Saturday

(Screengrab via WMUR)

The New Hampshire Union Leader reports that Alexey sued the Bedford police in 2013 in an attempt to have his firearms restored to him, he got them back in October 2013. They had been confiscated following a domestic abuse charge labeled against him. He was never convicted in the case due to his wife’s reluctance to testify in the case. Online court records show that as of November 2014, Alexey Obukhov has a concealed carry permit.

You can read the ruling in Alexey’s case here:

4. Alexey Obukhov Is Still Being Sought by Police reports that Alexey Obukhov’s whereabouts are still unknown. His lawyer told the website that Alexey had contacted him to say that his wife had shot their children and then committed suicide. The attorney, Evan Nappen, said that was the last he heard from his former client. Nappen represented Alexey in the lawsuit against the Bedford police. A neighbor of the family, Mark Leanues, told the Boston Globe that the family kept to themselves.

5. Extra Grief Counsellors Have Been Called Into Katherine & Elizabeth’s Former School

Katherine and Elizabeth were both students at Riddle Brook Elementary School in Riddle Brook.

Katherine and Elizabeth were both students at Riddle Brook Elementary School in Bedford.

Additional grief counselors were being used on the morning of March 30 as news of the grizzly murders emerged. The Union Leader reports that the two children were students of Riddle Brook School in the Bedford School District.