Rain Daugherty: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rain Daugherty Michael Robison, Michael Celis and Noel Schwab.

Rain Daugherty pictured on his Facebook page.

Rain Daugherty has been named as one of the four San Francisco cops accused of sending racist and homophobic text messages to fellow officers. The other officers embroiled in the scandal have been named as Michael Robison, Michael Celis and Noel Schwab. The messages came to light during a bail hearing for disgraced cop Ian Furminger.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. One of the Messages Read ‘Ni**ers Should Be Spayed’

Daugherty pictured in Thailand in 2009. (Facebook)

Daugherty pictured in Thailand in 2009. (Facebook)

The messages were sent between Daugherty, Robison, Celis, Schwab and Ian Furminger between 2011 and 2012. One 2011 message read, “do you celebrate Qaunza at your school?” The reply went, “Yeah we burn the cross on the field. Then we celebrate Whitemas.” Another, from April 2012, reads “20,000 bees are in Vacaville near school, but they are not dangerous like black people.” The cops in question were first named by the San Francisco Chronicle. The specifics of which cops sent and received which messages is not disclosed in the court documents. Though one of the cops once wrote to Ian Furminger saying, “Ni**ers should be spayed.”

You can read all of the text messages here:

2. San Francisco’s Police Chief Is Trying to Fire Daugherty

San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr

San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr. (Getty)

The four cops have all been moved to “non-public-contact” jobs within the SFPD since the messages came to light. San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr told the Chronicle, “It makes me sick to my stomach to even have these guys around.” He added that will be seeking for fire all four cops. Speaking to ABC San Francisco, Suhr said, “My expectation is the police commission will share my desire to terminate these people from the police department and act upon it. If you have character that is incompatible with that of a police officer what’s expected of a police officer then you shouldn’t be a police officer.”

3. Daugherty Doesn’t Believe in ‘Hippy Bullshit’

On his Facebook, Daugherty makes is clear that he doesn’t like “hippy bullshit.” Under a section on his page, he writes that he’s an organ donor saying, “I donated my Third Eye upon birth so that I don’t ever have to pretend that Hippy Bullshit exists when Clowns are talking that nonsense!!” In another posting, he writes that he voted in 1974, the year he was born, Daughertysays, “As soon as I was spat out I voted for President Ford in an attempt to cure my folks of their Liberal ways!! Ive been helping folks with that ever since!!!” His Facebook shows he’s a fan of heavy metal, Clint Eastwood and gun rights. His nephew is named Darren Wilson.

4. His Brother Is Also a Cop & Is Being Investigated After Shooting an Unarmed Man

Ryan Daugherty Facebook

Ryan Daugherty pictured on his Facebook page.

He graduated from the police academy in April 2001 and was part of the 197th recruit class, according to a police newsletter. His brother, Ryan, is also a cop in San Francisco. He’s under investigation following his April 2013 shooting unarmed man Freddy Martinez. Martinez is a paralyzed from the waist down as a result of being shot by Ryan Daughertyy. Initially, Ryan, and his partner that night, Valerie Durkin, were honored for their actions but the incident remains under investigation, reports the San Francisco Examiner.

5. Officer Ian Furminger Was Referred to as a Racist Alcoholic in Court Documents

In December 2014, Officer Ian Furminger was convicted along with Officer Edmond Robles of stealing money during police searches and conspiring to sell drugs, reports ABC San Francisco. In the court documents that shed light on the racist text messages, Furminger is described as racist and an alcoholic while also stating that he has mental health issues.