John Paul Devillier: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

 John Paul Devillier mugshot


A disgraced former TSA agent ambushed a sheriff’s deputy in Louisiana in a road rage incident, says the St. Charles Parish. That man has been named as 58-year-old John Devillier. He’s accused of shooting St. Charles Sheriff’s Corporal Burt Hazeltine in an incident in Louisiana. The attack happened as Hazeltine directed school traffic on the morning of April 16. He was shot three times but survived despite having a bullet lodge in his eye.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. After the Shooting Devillier Called 911 & Demanded to Talk to the Sheriff

According to New Orleans reporter Erin Nicole, Devillier was made at Hazeltine, 36, because the officer refused to stop traffic so that the suspect could turn his car along US-90 in Paradis, Louisiana. Then, Devillier was forced to wait in traffic for less than ten minutes. St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne told the media that after the attack, Devillier called Champagne’s office demanding to speak to the sheriff. WWL-TV reports that, coincidentally, there were a group of officers running drills on how to respond an officer down call. Those cops helped to save Hazeltine’s life after he was shot four times. Local schools were locked down until Devillier was arrested.

2. Devillier Was Fired From the TSA



He was fired from the TSA in 2013, reports KATC. Sheriff Champagne said that the reason for his firing was “conduct unbecoming,” but didn’t go into more detail.

Devillier has previous arrests for aggravated assault and domestic battery in Mississippi.

3. Corporal Burt Hazeltine Will ‘Likely’ Lose His Eyesight

Allegedly John Paul Devillier had conflict over traffic flow with St. Charles Sheriff’s Corporal Burt Hazeltine- then called police headquarters to complain before returning and ambushing the officer. Officer shot three times, bullets still in – including one behind officers eye. Hazeltine normally was known for wearing bullet proof vest but did not today. He's still in stable condition. We were told the suspect dangles one weapon out of the car window while the officer approached before suspect shot the officer with another gun through the window. The police department were able to quickly respond because they were doing officer down training at near by school. We're also told locals from the area assisted in rendering aid to the officer before he was transferred to university hospital.

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Corporal Burt Hazeltine is married with four children. He’s recovering at LSU Interim Hospital under heavy police guard. During his press conference, St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne said that the wounded deputy was known for always wearing a bulletproof vest, he wasn’t wearing it on the morning of the shooting. The Advocate reports that nurse who saw Hazeltine said he was “lucky” to be alive but he may lose his eyesight. The paper adds that Hazeltine has been with the office for nearly 15 years.

4. At the time of the Shooting, He Was Living in a Motel

Devillier is a native of Gulfport, Missouri, and was in Louisiana to visit family. WDSU’s Andy Cunningham reports that Devillier recently went through a divorce and had been living in a motel.

5. When Devillier Was Arrested, He Was Armed With 2 Guns reports that police believe this was an isolated incident. Investigators say the officer returned fire on Devillier. When the suspect was arrested, he had two guns on him.




He actually left the scene drove to his father’s house, where he called the police demanding to speak with the Sheriff claiming to be NCIS. Then he returned to the scene and shot the officer.

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