Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Knew Bruce Jenner’s Truth

Kim Kardashian tackled video


Years ago, Kim Kardashian caught Bruce Jenner wearing a dress. She left the house and went for a drive. When Bruce finally talked to Kim about the situation, she told him she thought she wasn’t supposed to talk about it. Finally, she sat down with him and he confessed all his inner feelings to her.

Later on, his youngest daughters saw him on their security cameras wearing a dress in the house. The person, however, that is taking the news the hardest is his step-daughter Khloe. Because of all she’s gone through, her biological father’s death, the betrayal from her marriage to Lamar Odom, etc., this has been tough for her.

In the end, Bruce Jenner says that Kim has been the most supportive and says that she has Kanye West to thank for it. Her husband Kanye told her that he’d be nothing if he couldn’t be himself. With that, Kim told Bruce to “work it, girl,” and that he had to have her help him in his transformation because he’s representing the family. Bruce loved it and joked about it to Diane Sawyer in his 20/20 interview.

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