Kyle Loughlin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 21-year-old Bridgewater State University student is accused of raping children he worked with at the Massachusetts college’s daycare facility. Kyle Loughlin was arrested on March 31.

Here’s what you need to know about Loughlin and the charges against him:

1. He’s Accused of Raping 2 Children

Kyle Loughlin Facebook


The Brockton Enterprise reports that Loughlin is accused of raping two children. He faces two counts of rape and three counts of indecently assaulting a child under the age of 14. Kids at the Bridgewater State University daycare center’s ages range from 33 months to 6 years old. In an email from the school’s president Dana Mohler-Faria that was obtained by Heavy, it reads:

Following a swift investigation by Bridgewater State University Police in response to suspicious behavior reported by staff, a student worker in the University’s Children’s Center was arrested and arraigned on charges of child sexual abuse today. The BSU student is currently in police custody. The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office and the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families were notified by BSU police and are participating in the investigation.

University officials have notified the parents of the children involved. We are currently communicating directly with all of the parents of children enrolled in the Center. Details of this incident are just coming to light and we are immediately alerting the campus community as to the reported incidents.

In accordance with University policy, all BSU students and personnel at the center have passed criminal background and sex offender registry checks.

Our deepest concern is for the safety and welfare of children on the Bridgewater State University campus. We are treating this report extremely seriously and will be reaching out to the community and taking every step necessary to investigate and respond to these reports. Additionally, the University will begin a full review of the Children’s Center operation to ensure the highest level of professional practice is maintained.

We will continue to provide information to the community as it becomes available. If you have immediate questions about this notice, please contact the Bridgewater State University Police Department at 508-531-1212.

Police were first called to investigate at the daycare on March 27 when a parent told cops she suspected there was abuse going on at the facility.

2. Loughlin Went Through a Background Check Before Being Hired

Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater State University pictured on the school’s Facebook page.

Loughlin was an early childhood education student at Bridgewater State University and was working in the school’s daycare facility, reports WCVB. The station reports he went through an extensive background check before being hired.

3. Police Found 100 Pairs of Children’s Underwear & Diapers in His Apartment

Bridgewater Police


Loughlin is being held without bail in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. My Fox Boston reports that he confessed to police after being arrested on March 31. WCVB reports that after conducting a search of Loughlin’s dorm room police found 100 pairs of children’s underwear and diapers in his room. The station also says that a computer was taken as evidence by cops from his family home.

4. On His Facebook, Loughlin Says He’s ‘Interested in Women’



On his Facebook page, Loughlin writes that he works at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. His Facebook says he was due to graduate from Brigewater in 2016 and that he’s “interested in women.” On his page, Loughlin frequently posts pictures of classic and luxury sports cars.

5. His Fellow Students Thought He Was Too Close to the Kids

Loughlin is a native of Wrentham, Massachusetts. According to Wrentham Patch, he graduated from King Philip High School (above) in 2011. Speaking to WCVB, Bridgewater students said that Loughlin seemed too close for comfort with some of the kids he worked with and that he was “socially awkward.”




I’ve said this so many times. It is NOT NORMAL for men to be working in day care centers PERIOD! I could care less HOW MANY background checks you do, men are not equipped to be nurturing. You can call me sexist as I am a man myself but you’ve increased you chances of molestation happening x10 times when single men are hired to take care of children. I’m sorry but there’s something suspicious when a guy claims “I just LOVE children!” and gets himself in position to be around children for pedophile behavior. Didn’t the Jerry Sandusky scandal teach this administration anything? Red flags should come up and he should never be left alone with children!

The parents of the children molested should sue the pants off of this facility for being fully negligent in letting this scumbag around children. They are 100% responsible for this pervert’s actions. I hope prison finds a way for this guy to get REAL justice!


Interesting theory. You could be right… I wouldn’t know of course, since I’ve had the same fetishes and desires as Kyle Loughlin.

Thank god I have a conscience and self-control though. Taking diapers is, even to me, pretty damn extreme… But thieving underwear should hardly be a crime. Touching the kids is something else entirely, and as much as I’d love to sate my desires by doing so, I never would. I know the repercussions that follow and how the kids would feel. I blame those expected reactions on the way parents foolishly teach their kids about “shame” and to be “embarrassed” by their bodies, but I’ve learned to live with it. You just have to remember that you’re better than that disgusting demon in your head, and you’ll be able to get by.

Kyle infiltrated a day care with these fetishes, which is definitely disgraceful. That was just stupid of him, since it’ll only reinforce his desires until he wouldn’t be able to help himself. The best way to avoid this enacting this behavior is to find ways to quiet the noise in your head. It’s too late for Kyle, he’s fallen hard… because he didn’t have the self-control necessary for living with this kind of mental disease.

People ignore this fact, but pedophilia and child molestation are two different things. Pedophilia isn’t a problem as long as you don’t act on any sexual feelings, and it could even be subdued to a simple love for children. Just the other day, my teacher brought her 7 or 8 year old son to school and I got along great with him. Even if we were alone, I wouldn’t have done anything to him and the more time I spent with him, the less I wanted to do anything selfish or inappropriate to him. That’s the honest-to-god truth. Pedophiles are made out to be these monstrous individuals, but lust is not a crime as long as you don’t act upon it. Kyle Loughlin simply did everything wrong, and he’ll pay dearly for it no doubt.

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