Michael Jackson’s Alligators ‘Boiled Alive’ in Suspected Arson Attack

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A blaze at an exotic animal park in Oklahoma caused the deaths of Michael Jackson’s seven alligators and one crocodile. The fire was first reported by the owner of the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, Joe Schreibvogel. He made the announcement in a Facebook posting. He said in the post that the animals were “boiling alive in a towering inferno.” It happened on the night of March 26.

Speaking to the Oklahoman, Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes said arson an attack is likely because of threats the park has received in the past. The fire marshal and the FBI are investigating.

The area is often included in owner Joe Schreibvogel’s cable access show, Joe Exotic TV. In his Facebook post, Schreibvogel said “They might have shut me up for just a little while, but let me tell you they have awoken a monster. Now, Joe Exotic is pissed off.”

The park has been frequent target of animal rights group PETA. With the group calling a “poorly run facility.” Most recently, in May 2014, PETA took aim at the park over the death of a bear cub after it was mauled by another bear. The group felt the cub could have survived by the veterinary care at the park was substandard.