WATCH: 5-Legged Lamb Video

This lucky lamb has been saved from the chop because he was born with five legs.

Jake the sheep was born with an extra limb on a family-run farm in Powys, Wales.

If it wasn’t for Jake’s deformity, farmer Bethan Lloyd-Davies would have fattened him up and prepared him for sale to the slaughterhouse, says The Mirror.

Despite his five legs, Jake has been running and jumping just like any other lamb at the farm.

Bethan’s son Sion, 16, was delivering the lamb when he was confused as to why he could feel so many legs inside the mother sheep.

“When he came out they said ‘Oh my God, come and look at this!’We didn’t expect him to live because they tend to die if they have a deformity,” he explained.

“But he is is thriving with his extra leg and springing and jumping about like lambs do. He is able to lift it off the ground when he runs and when he lies down he tucks it up beneath him.”

Vets were amazed by his health and said they had never seen a five-legged lamb alive.

Bethan said Jake’s extra leg saved his life. “He would have gone out to the fields to fatten up and go for meat but now we will keep him close to the farm as a mascot,” she said.