WATCH: Bruce Jenner Speaks in Diane Sawyer Interview

A new promotional clip for Bruce Jenner’s much-talked about ABC interview with Diane Sawyer shows the former Olympic champion talking for the first time about his transition into becoming a woman, saying: “My whole life has been getting ready for this.”

The clip for the “far-ranging and exclusive” interview was released to boost interest in the two-hour special edition of 20/20 set to air on ABC on Friday, April 24 at 9 pm Eastern Time.

While Kris Jenner’s ex-husband hasn’t publicly confirmed his gender switch, reports claim he will discuss the transition in detail with Sawyer.

Sawyer has assured her old friend she will handle the interview “delicately,” according to the New York Daily News. Jenner has not been paid for the interview.

The new promotional clip was first aired on Tuesday night on the ABC Television Network.