WATCH: Michael Slager Dash Cam Video

Dash cam shows moments before shooting of Walter ScottSouth Carolina Law Enforcement Division released dash cam video of the moments before Walter Scott was shot by officer Michael Slager.2015-04-09T21:35:05.000Z

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has released a dash cam video from Michael Slager’s patrol car showing the events leading up to motorist Walter Scott’s fatal shooting.

The footage shows Slager approaching Scott’s black Mercedes after pulling him over in North Charleston on Saturday for a defective taillight.

The two men speak as the officer asks for Scott’s license and registration. Scott says he isn’t the owner of the car but plans to buy it soon and the exchange appears cordial as Slager returns to the patrol car to run the motorist’s details.

Scott gets out of his car briefly, getting back in the driver’s seat and closing the door after being told to stay by Slager. Moments later, Scott, wearing a green sweater, exits again and runs off out of the camera shot.

Slager chased after the father-of-four and the culmination of the incident – when the officer shot Scott in the back as he tried to flee after a struggle – was captured on a bystander’s cell phone video that has been seen around the world and led to Slager’s arrest and murder charge.

A passenger, who has not yet been named, was in the passenger seat of Scott’s vehicle.

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