UK General Election 2015: Live Results & Vote Count

miliband cameron clegg sturgeon

Clockwise: Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Nicola Sturgeon (Getty)

Voters in the United Kingdom have taken to the polls in their millions today to elect a new government. In one of the closest General Elections in living memory, Britain’s two main parties – David Cameron’s Conservatives and Ed Miliband’s Labour – have been neck-and-neck in the polls for months, with neither forecast to secure enough votes to form a government.

The BBC’s Exit Poll forecasts the Conservatives to be the largest party in parliament, 10 short of a majority.

We’ll be bringing you all the results as they come in, with the first declaration expected around 11pm BST / 6pm Eastern. We’ll also keep you up-to-date with any highlights or significant developments as the night wears on.

Live Results

There are 650 seats up for grabs in today’s UK General Election, with any one party requiring at least 326 MPs to form a majority and the next government. We’ll be updating the seat count live throughout the night:

Conservative: 331
Labour: 232
SNP: 56
Liberal Democrats: 8
Ukip: 1
Other: 23

Laws and Alexander Out

David Laws (L) and Danny Alexander (R) (Getty)

David Laws (L) and Danny Alexander (R) (Getty)

David Laws and Danny Alexander, two of the most senior Liberal Democrats and key members of the negotiation party that agreed to a coalition back in 2010, have lost their seats. The Lib Dems are in meltdown.

Cameron Wins in Witney

david cameron

David Cameron at his count in Witney (Getty)

David Cameron is returned as the MP for Witney, and it’s looking increasingly likely that he’ll be returned to Downing Street too. Says he wants “to bring our United Kingdom together.”

Cable Cut

vince cable

Vince Cable (Getty)

Liberal Democrat Vincent Cable, Secretary of State for Business, has been decapitated by his coalition colleagues the Conservatives. Cable had been in Parliament since 1997.

BoJo Takes Uxbridge

boris johnson

Boris Johnson (Getty)

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, re-enters Parliament as the MP for Uxbridge. Given his undoubted leadership ambitions, will he be happy or sad at the Conservatives’ strong performance tonight?

Lib Dem melt-down continues

simon hughes

Simon Hughes (Getty)

Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes has been in parliament since 1983; A X% swing to Labour has just relieved him of his duties.

Scottish Labour Leader Jim Murphy loses his seat

jim murphy


Jim Murphy has been “decapitated” by the SNP. Murphy had been in parliament since 1997.

Sadiq Khan Defends Tooting

sadiq khan london marathon

Sadiq Khan (Getty)

Labour MP Sadiq Khan, the Shadow Lord Chancellor and, indeed London Marathon finisher, has defended his West London constituency of Tooting with a slightly improved vote share. Khan is touted as a future Labour candidate for Mayor of London.

Three Results, Three Lost Deposits for the Lib Dems

nick clegg

Nick Clegg, with his wife voting in Sheffield (Getty)

Just three results out of 650 so far, but in each the Liberal Democrats have lost their deposit. Not a great start for the yellows.

Sturgeon Cautious

Despite the Exit Poll suggesting the Scottish National Party are set to enjoy an extremely successful night, claiming 58 of Scotland’s 59 constituencies, Nicola Sturgeon remains cautious.

Sunderland South win Race to be First to Declare

2015 general election sunderland south

The ballot count at Sunderland South (Getty)

Sunderland South are the first to declare a result. Labour has held the seat, increasing their vote share by 5%, though Ukip has markedly increased its vote share in this constituency.

Exit Poll Forecasts Hung Parliament, With Tories Largest Party

ballot box


It’s 10pm in the UK and the ballots are now closed. Which means the Exit Poll can now be revealed, and it’s quite a surprise: The Conservatives are forecast to be the largest party, just short of a majority. With the Lib Dems forecast to secure 10 seats, that would be enough – by one seat – to re-form a Con-Lib coalition.

Conservative: 316
Labour: 239
SNP: 58
Liberal Democrats: 10
Ukip: 2
Other: 25

Latest Polls Point to Hung Parliament

The last set of polls released before ballot boxes opened this morning showed a late rally in support for Labour, but with both they and the Conservatives still unable to form a majority alone. It looks like there’ll be a raft of coalition negotiations in the wake of tonight’s results. The above tweet from Political Betting’s Mike Smithson summarizes all the pollsters’ final forecasts in a handy table.

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