Natalie & Hunter Biden, Beau’s Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Natalie and Hunter are the two “remarkable” children of Beau and Hallie Biden. Their father tragically lost his battle with brain cancer on May 30, 2015. His daughter, Natalie is 11 years old and his son, Hunter, is 9.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Book Was Written About Natalie Biden’s Thoughts When Her Father Was Deployed to Iraq, the Opening Line Is ‘Does Daddy Really Have to Go?’

Natalie Biden book

Jill Biden wrote a book about Natalie Biden’s thoughts about her family fighting in Iraq. (Getty)

According to her profile on the White House’s website, it says that Jill Biden, Beau’s stepmother, wrote a children’s book in June 2012. It was about Beau Biden’s time spent fighting in Iraq. The story was told through the eyes of Natalie Biden. It was titled Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops. The Amazon description for the book reads:

When her father leaves for a year of being at war, Natalie knows that she will miss him. Natalie is proud of her father, but there is nothing to stop her from wishing he was home. Some things do help her feel better.

Natalie works with her Nana to send her dad and the other service men and women cookies and treats they have made.

Natalie, her mom, and her brother can see and talk to Dad over the computer, and the kindness of friends at school and at church help her feel supported and loved. But there is nothing like the day when her Dad comes home at last.

The opening line of the book is “Does Daddy really have to go?”

2. Hunter Biden Is Named After His Grandmother

Beau Biden and his family pictured in 2007. (Getty)

Beau Biden and his family pictured in 2007. (Getty)

Hunter Biden is named after his uncle and grandmother. The name originates in the family as Beau’s mother, Neilia’s, maiden name. The Hunters were from Syracuse, New York. According to a article, the Hunters owned a restaurant in Auburn, New York. In the past, Beau had stressed the importance of the Hunter name in an interview saying “Clearly, they helped shaped my sense of what’s important in life. There’s always something bigger than you.”

3. In November 2014, the 2 Kids Got a New Dog

Hallie Biden

Beau and Hallie Biden, with their daughter, Natalie. (Twitter)

On December 5, 2014, Beau tweeted a picture of his two kids with the family’s new dog, a rescue. The dog was named Indi. According to the Wall Street Journal, Indi was originally named Peggy. The family encountered the dog while on their annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Nantucket. Pam Murphy, the president of the shelter where Indi lived, posted pictures to Facebook of Indi boarding Air Force 2 in December 2014.

4. One of Beau Biden’s Core Principles Was Anti-Bullying in Schools



On his Twitter account, Beau Biden, who was planning a run for Governor of Delaware in 2016, frequently tweeted about children’s issues. The most prominent issue was definitely bullying. In his obituary from Delaware Online, it writes about Beau’s campaigns as being focused on children, with his advocacy against bullying and for gun-control.

5. Beau Biden Is Entitled to a Military Funeral

Hallie Biden

Hallie and Beau Biden. (Twitter)

Thanks to Beau Biden’s remarkable military service he is entitled to full military honors. Speaking to the Associated Press, Delaware National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Len Gratteri said that no funeral arrangements had been put in place yet.