Cinco de Mayo 2015: What Day do We Celebrate in the U.S.?

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When is Cinco de Mayo this year? The big day is tomorrow, as it’s always the 5th of May as the word cinco translates as “five”. So, where does this holiday come from exactly? According to TIME, it is the anniversary of the famous battle of Puebla. In the battle, Mexican liberal forces defeated a French army and its Mexican conservative allies during one of Mexico’s 19th-century civil wars. The French wanted to impose an unemployed Hapsburg prince as Mexican emperor in order to gain a new beachhead in the Americas. From New York to Las Vegas to San Diego, people all over the country are celebrating the holiday with margarita drinks, guacamole, music and traditional Mexican food.

In Vegas, there are a ton of pool and club events for the holiday, which you can check out by clicking here. If you’re in the Las Vegas area and are looking to celebrate the day with some good Mexican food, these are some restaurants you can check out: Hussong’s Cantina, Cabo Wabo Cantina, Hecho en Vegas, and The Salted Lime. As far as New Yorkers go, there is a huge street fair with food and shopping. It’s the Cinco de Mayo Street Fair outside of Grand Central Terminal. If you’d rather go to a restaurant to celebrate, you can try Dos Caminos, La Esquina in Chinatown and Cascabel Taqueria East. You can check out some of the club and rooftop events for the holiday in NYC by clicking here.

There is a giant fiesta in the Old Town part of San Diego, which is the largest party of its kind in Southern California. It’s been an annual tradition since 1983 and it’s always the weekend before Cinco de Mayo. Even though you may have missed the big event, Old Town is still an amazing place to celebrate, with a dozen restaurants where you can celebrate the day.

Now that you’ve got some of the info on where to celebrate the day, if you’d rather just stay in, all you need is a margarita, chips, salsa and some guacamole. Enjoy.

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